The people rise information: laser technology to promote the development of garment industry

by:cycjet     2020-08-03
Food and clothing live line, is the life of people, is its importance, its market, and China is the world's most populous nation. Today we are going to learn about clothing, clothing is essential to people's life, all appear a series of large-scale clothing textile industry, according to the relevant garment industry forecasts, to 2025, Chinese women's clothing alone the trillion-dollar likely. Traditional garment processing equipment, however, has been gradually can't satisfy people's needs, then without laser equipment, laser equipment are used in all walks of life, now the garment industry is gradually replace the traditional processing equipment. Such as the traditional washing process to use water with chemical reagents, such easy to cause pollution and waste of resources, and processing procedures, low efficiency. And laser wash can simplify the process of water washing, no pollution, high efficiency. Denim are now many countries in the use of laser washed, it has become a mainstream of processing technology. Laser marking is now in the clothing industry is more widely used a laser equipment, laser marking out by delicate and beautiful, and the traditional processing technology is after late gourd, such as printing, mutilation, embossing process, operation process, time is long, the efficiency is low. Function of the laser marking a forming, no subsequent processing, simple operation, graphic to randomly change don't need a mould, marking out the picture and text clear, beautiful, stereo sense is strong, no consumables and other advantages. The people rise laser launch - MS Co2 laser marking machine designed for dress design, the machine on the denim fabric, leather, textile fabric, can be used to hollow out the fabric, carve patterns or designs on woodwork, burning flower, such as processing effect, made by fine, beautiful, plus have administrative levels feeling of the hollow out effect, make the garment more fashion. Now many manufacturers are using a laser carve patterns or designs on woodwork system, this system joined the digital processing way, to avoid the traditional processing technology difficulties, waste materials, process trival, pollution and other issues, machining efficiency is more than ten times of traditional process, and the processing effect is better. And laser equipment of light small, high thermal diffusion of small, focused, very suitable textile fiber fabric cutting, people rise has been focused on the research and development of laser equipment, laser in the clothing industry also accumulated a lot of advantages. The people l have an automatic feeding laser cutting machine, cutting is more accurate, cut surface is smooth without burrs, fine cutting, cutting speed, can effectively improve the efficiency of production, also can greatly reduce the cost of materials and artificial cost. Now many well-known clothing brands are using laser cutting system, such as xtep, Nike sports shoes uppers are choose laser cutting machine for processing, because laser cutting more accurate. At present many large well-known brand before starting to phase out old technology and laser cutting machine. With the continuous improvement of domestic labor costs, consumption level is also gradually improve, encourage the domestic garment industry have to high-end development, the combination of high-tech and traditional industries, to better promote the development of industry. The introduction of laser equipment for garment processing industry by the Labour intensive industry gradually to the development of new type of automated processing way, improve the quality of the products can enhance the competition of the market, gain more benefit for the enterprise. Thus, laser equipment in the future will become a key member of the garment industry.
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