The people rise information: laser marking machine what's the red instructions for how to adjust?

by:cycjet     2020-08-01
Perhaps many of the actual operation of laser marking machine customer is rally marking machine red labeled operating system has certain personal opinion. A laser marking machine production will certainly including red labeled operating system, for this is often called the red light debugging. But the basic function of red light debugging, there are many, but also for laser marking machine identification precision positioning has very important effect. The effectiveness of laser don't disturb the red logo red debugging specific include the following three points: u, red light can also be used as laser marking machine to focus, that is to say, laser marking signs in distance; U debug as marking light, red light, used in debugging cavity light way; U, a laser marking machine, laser marking signs in precision positioning using optical, according to the difference of laser marking software, can be divided into, laser marking, laser marking the center mark pattern width range, analog designation for the design of laser marking, labeling methods; To pay special attention to the red light is to open the laser marking machine commissioning, is also the actual operation staff familiar with machinery and equipment has certain, for example, the general red laser marking vendors would debug open on the laser marking software. Red light control switch in the healthy dish F1 can open and close or open the red button in the marking interface for the actual operation, if you only see the galvanometer in movement and no red light out, the first check and control the red light if there is a mechanical control switch is not open, check the switch power supply of the red light for open, using a multimeter to check, the red indicator of whether there are 5 v voltage between two red and black, if without laser output is 5 v voltage, it can do is red light indicator must be replaced.
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