The people rise information: laser marking machine is suitable for PVC material

by:cycjet     2020-08-01
Laser marking machine is suitable for PVC material, PVC material is a vinyl polymer crystallization type, the substance of oxidant. Reductant and strong acid has good durability. So now a lot of places are made from this material products, electrical appliances shell, the sewer pipe, industrial parts, etc. This product use widely. In their surface imprinting is a must. In general, the use of near infrared laser or far infrared laser ( Such as CO2 laser) To mark the PVC material. Common far-infrared laser marking machine is co2 laser marking machine, its wavelength is 10. 6u。 It can print on PVC material, yellow handwriting, due to the co2 laser can accomplish many functions, such as the existing 30 w power marking machine marking machine and 50 w power, so the marking machine can be marked at very high speed. Applicable for pipe instead of environment-friendly inkjet ink jet code. But carbon dioxide laser marking PVC material yellow red is often less popular. Near infrared laser, such as optical fiber laser marking machine and laser marking machine, semiconductor have approximately the wavelength of 1064 nm wavelength, can be marked as black. The black marking machine is similar to inkjet machine, is a kind of color can let the customer to receive. More and more of this kind of tag has been used for PVC material. Fiber laser wavelength of 1064 nm, but clearly on PVC material, in black. Fiber laser is considered instead of semiconductor laser laser, in PVC material application prospect is also expected. Because of its frequency of up to 80 k, so the light spot is very small. Light reflector can reach very high speed, the speed of the tag pipeline can reach or exceed the effect of CO2 laser.
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