The people rise information: laser marking machine in the watch industry advantage

by:cycjet     2020-08-01
A laser mark products now in my life is everywhere, 'eat, drink, wear, use' shadow with a laser logo. Laser small make up today's people up say a man essential supplies 'watch', the watch is not just to look at the time, but also has been upgrading the quality of life and the identity of the highlights, watches are condensed the wisdom of many building works of art, its unique charm, let a person fondle admiringly. However the watch is often wear in hand, so there will be a sweat corrosion, friction, scratches and knock against, so in the process of manufacturing high processing techniques may be used. Because the volume of a watch is small, and put zero configuration is very much, so no one processing steps need to be very careful, need close cooperation, focus on one detail, or a little bit of subtle errors are likely to lead to the entire watch appeared quality problem. In addition to the inner configuration, external identification is also very important, this determines the grade of the watches, external identity throughout the manufacturing process occupies a very important position, it's about the watch brand quality and customers first impressions. Ever is to use the traditional processing way, complex operation, not only quality is not guaranteed, and now the people rise of laser marking machine can perfect to solve this problem. A laser mark product surface smooth, delicate, beautiful, and it is permanent is wiped, will not fade, by a long time it is not only beautiful, still can have very good anti-counterfeit effect, and laser marking machine is the non-contact processing, so not to produce machine pressure deformation of workpiece, and there is no material, also can realize assembly line production, laser marking is no pollution, no noise mode of production, it can not only ensure environmental health can also improve the efficiency of production, reduce the cost of production. Laser marking machine is controlled by computer, so it is accurate, there will not be any deviation. Can accurate on the surface of the watch of print small characters, compared with the traditional processing way, more convenient, and the quality can be secure. Laser marking machine in the application field is very broad, such as: food packaging industry, medicine, food, cosmetics, beverage, tobacco, gift boxes, and so on accessories signs industry: photos, belts, nameplates, badges, signs, jewelry, button, belt buckle, leather bags, and so on hardware equipment industry: screwdriver, scissors, wrench, cutting tools, fitness equipment, medical equipment, stainless steel products, aluminum products, locks, tableware, kitchen supplies, and so on electrical and electronic industry: mobile phone, computer, keyboard, electronic components, TV, air conditioning, fan and so on instrument glasses industry: watches, glass frame, instrument and so on auto machinery industry: bearings, piston ring, engine, badges, machine tools, steel bushing, etc. ( In this paper, by the people rise laser original, reproduced shall indicate the source: WWW. szmslaser。 Com, cherish other people's work achievement, is to respect yourself)
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