The people rise information: laser marking machine engraving effect is not uniform?

by:cycjet     2020-07-31
Laser engraving technology slowly into our daily life, when we use laser engraving pattern, often will meet such a question: 'why do laser engraving effect uneven? 'Laser marking machine 1, using partial focal regions marking the content: partial focal play mark way to laser energy issues must be considered, this is because each one focus lens are matching the depth of focus area, and use the method of deviation focus will easily lead to large area play plot type, the edge in the depth of focus point or more than depth of focus areas, so it is easy to lead to actual effect of the nonuniformity. 2, thermal lens phenomenon: when to pay the light through the optical lens ( Refraction, reflection) When, can make the lens small deformation caused by the burning. This deformation can make the pay higher light focusing focus, focal length shorter. If the machine stationary, adjust the distance to the focus, open capture light after a certain period of time, it is because the thermal lens phenomenon and makes effect on the raw materials of capture light energy density changes. 3, pay the light output spots are obscure, that is, pay the light beam after vibrating mirror and field lens flare is short of, not enough round: pay the light output head, fixed fixture and vibrating mirror not alignment, lead to capture the light through part of vibration lens flare was cloak, after field lens focused on the frequency doubling piece presents the light spot is a circle. Another kind of circumstance, namely the galvanometer deflection lenses have damaged, when pay the beam of light through the lens damaged area, can't effectively reflect it. Laser beam through the lens, therefore, no damage area laser are damaged area and the lens are different, the result is a role on the raw materials of capture light energy is different, too. 4, because of the raw materials, such as the raw material surface membrane layer thick is not the same as or physics characteristic of transformation: raw materials particularly sensitive to capture light energy response. General under the same raw materials, pay the light energy damage threshold is corresponding to raw materials. When the raw material surface coating its thickness is different, or some other physics process is not uniform. 5, machinery and equipment in the same horizontal plane alignment, namely capture optical lens or mirror lens and production and processing of vibration table different level: in view of the different level, can lead to capture the light beam through the field lens back to production and processing items do not match the length of the distance, the result is capture the energy of the light falling on the production and processing items will have different energy density.
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