The people rise information: laser engraving machine procurement skills in different industries

by:cycjet     2020-08-04
Laser engraving machine procurement skills in different industries: laser engraving machine products on the market, with the original machine JinKouJi, have the domestic design and production of the machine. Import parts assembly on the domestic machinery, professional engraving machine, marking machine of professional, professional cutting machine, so how to choose and buy? After-sales service: laser engraving machine laser tube, mirror is consumables, has the certain service life and need to be replaced after expiration. This requires the manufacturer to provide a strong after-sales service guarantee. Can provide these consumables. Product quality is also a laser engraving machine, used for different parts, but the following example illustrates step motor: involves the engraving precision of laser engraving machine. Some manufacturer choose import stepper motor, have a plenty of joint of the stepper motor, motor have a plenty of a less known and inferior brand. The power of laser lens: involved in laser engraving machine, import, domestic camera lens. Domestic lens is also used in the production of imported material and use of the domestic production of two kinds, price difference is very big. Use effect and service life of the difference is very big also. Laser tube: this is the heart of laser engraving machine. Because the price of imported laser tube is very expensive, generally in tens of thousands of yuan. Domestic laser engraving machine USES mostly domestic laser tube. The domestic laser tube is mixed. The price difference is very big. The good life of laser tube is in commonly 3000 hours. Mechanical assembly quality: some manufacturers in order to reduce cost, use a very thin plate making machine shell. Users usually can't see, but for a long time, the framework will deformation, influence of laser engraving machine precision carving. Good laser engraving machine should use frame structure, using high quality steel welding. Adopts high quality cold-rolled steel plate manufacturing case. When users to buy the machine, see the frame structure and the thickness of the shell plate, it can be seen that good or bad. The function of the machine: some familiar with laser engraving machine, as the current configuration of the laser engraving machine has increased a lot, falling prices in the price is a few years a lot. This is how happy, but said it immediately, you should not be fooled the appearance of the charm, if it's easier to afford reliability and ease of maintenance services. Many of the new equipment is not than than in previous years. The author thinks that, the cost of laser engraving machine, the quality of the configuration should arouse the attention of the user. Moderate price of laser engraving machine is our ideal choice. Many users into the erroneous zone, in the hope that their own laser engraving machine is everything, what all can do, can't. This is a big mistake.
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