The people rise information: laser cutting machine has the advantages of maintenance matters needing attention

by:cycjet     2020-08-02
1, often reflect on tool Angle result because in the components of the optical fiber laser cutting machine, important parts is cutting machine, if the Angle of the cutting machine has a certain bias, then in the process of cutting will be easy to incur the precision of cutting items not so accurate. 2 hour, let the strip stick to tighten the shape of the strip in the operation of laser cutting machine has played a very important role in transmission, and the material of the this kind of steel strip it belongs to the steel, the steel in the process of use, if not taut, it is easy to cause was cut and be left out of orbit, even the scene of a steel belt and slip can occur so on personnel safety hidden trouble, so no matter when and where, be sure to keep steel strip in a taut, such ability of construction personnel play a role in maintaining peace. 3, spare parts will often stop smooth oil disposal we should regularly carried out on the rack, guide rail and cutting machine parts smooth oil disposal, so that the gear in the operation of occlusion is very accurate. As a result, the mechanical operation is in the normal orbit, cutting out a product precision is also higher. 4, we except to do daily maintenance of optical fiber laser cutting machine, when we purchase machinery will inspect the parts, so that you can prevent damage from the original accessories. At the same time if found in the use of mechanical process of any parts damaged, be sure to stop change in time, so that is a kind of mechanical own maintenance, 2 will also can guarantee the ideal cutting effect of laser cutting machine. 5, often external mechanical stop sweeping dust disposal due to laser cutting machine in cutting the branch indirect will stop vaporized metal appearance, so in cutting machine and external appearance will often happen a lot of dust, we should often will use vacuum cleaner to suck out the dust, such ability ensure mechanical external components between, so that can ensure parts between normal operation
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