The people rise information: how to adjust the mould of the laser welding machine microscope?

by:cycjet     2020-08-22
How to adjust the mould of the laser welding machine microscope? A microscope is an important part of the mould laser welder. If you don't clear or inaccurate view, will definitely affect the welding quality. You should adjust, how to do? Engineers are given their use and adjustment technique. Precision welding automatic welding equipment engineer is introduced: the microscope for mould laser welder, it is very important, if you don't clear or inaccurate view, must affect the welding quality, how to use and adjust the mold laser microscope? Before welding, the microscope eyepiece barrel clear outside the knob clockwise to the end. Make two eyepiece at the same level. This is to keep the definition of the two glass at the same level, the observation of artifacts. Place the workpiece on the workbench, and move up and down in the process of operating table. Through the artifacts in the microscope observation, the workpiece in the field of microscope is in a state of clarity. When we weld any workpiece, workpiece must be in a state of clarity. Eyes can see clearly repair welding process, to ensure the quality of repair welding. When repair welding, must remind customers in both eyes at the same time using a microscope artifacts, eyes don't stick on the eyepiece. Don't be far away from the eyepiece, about 5 to 10 mm. When the field is not overlap, the two can adjust the microscope eyepiece, make the distance between the two eyepiece with pupil remained unchanged. Until the two view is considered to be consistent. Two eyes look at the same time to see is the cause of artifacts can be three-dimensional. You can see artifacts of high and low position. Especially to be able to see the fine precision parts of position clearly, and to test the after welding of the workpiece, observe whether the location of the repair welding was bitten or burn, to ensure that the repair welding position and height of the meet the requirements.
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