The people rise information: fiber laser marking machine matters needing attention

by:cycjet     2020-08-03
1, to prevent the broken fiber laser system pump sources are used between the laser and the optical fiber to connect, users in the use of, or in transit shall ensure that optical fiber bending diameter greater than 300 mm. Bending seriously will lead to the broken fiber and laser system does not work. Optical fiber to prevent dust pollution in not connected to the power supply and the laser, that must be installed with the system to provide protection cover, to prevent the fiber end face pollution, ( If the optical fiber end face has adhesive dust, should be used to wash the ear ball will get a fiber end face blow dry clean. If pollution is serious, should be used with alcohol and ether mixture air-laid paper to wipe clean) 。 Not installed protective cover will make the internal pollution of optical components and optical fiber end face, will lead to the whole laser system can not work normally, and loss of warranty. 2, concerning the prevention of laser crystal and avoid condensation LD cavity surface dewing ban laser systems work in high humidity environment, the customer shall ensure that the environment humidity is less than 60%. When the laser crystal temperature and environmental temperature difference is too large ( More than 10 degrees) , it may lead to laser crystal dew, condensation will cause power decrease or damage to the laser system. So when the environment temperature is greater than the water tank set temperature ( Over more than 10 degrees) , no laser systems in a single open water cooling machine and laser does not work. In this condition, suggests using these steps: the boot, the first open the cold water machine, for refrigerator temperature display below 30 ℃, start the power supply and the current slow to adjust to about 10 a; For refrigerator temperature display at operating temperature ( 18 ℃ or so) Again, slowly to adjust current to working current ( Around 35 a) 。 During shutdown, first the current slow down to about 10 a and stop the power supply output, shut off the power, then closed water cooling machine as soon as possible. If does not work in the maximum current place, may be appropriately raised refrigerator refrigeration temperature ( But shall not be higher than 25 ℃) Be sure to use within the prescribed environmental equipment (laser system Southern operating environment should be equipped with air conditioning) 。
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