The people rise information: explain the choose and buy when the optical fiber laser cutting machine several matters needing attention

by:cycjet     2020-07-30
Ok good demand the see maybe we can go to the market to buy a laser cutting machine counterparts there first look at the function of the machine and the parameters of the fundamental. Choose several powerful price concessions manufacturers stop later communication and proofing, and preliminary field investigation we can stop, about the price of the machine, machine training, payment, after-sales service and so on to stop more detailed discussion. The size of the laser power: in about the selection of optical fiber laser cutting machine function, think we should be energetic to the environment itself, the size of the laser power is key, for example, we often cut sheet metal under 6 mm, so we choose w - 500 700 w laser cutting machine can meet the needs of consumption, if cut 6 mm above information we will need to think bigger power machine and so on enterprise's capital control is a big help. Local: the center of the optical fiber laser cutting machine laser cutting machine of some important components, we in the choose and buy when also need pay attention to very much. Especially the onset of laser device, laser cutting head, servo motor, rail, water tank, etc. , it is domestic or export to points clear. These components are indirectly affect the laser cutting machine, the cutting speed and the precision of the many vendors will use domestic as export accessories to fraud the customer. Product research and development cycle is short, now update faster and faster, the diversity of products, trial production, mass consumption, compare with many samples and ensure the quality of how to complete customer orders, maintaining corporate reputation, to strengthen the enterprise competitiveness is also a difficult duty in front of each of the operators, so the choose and buy the processing equipment is the premise and foundation of variation in this function. Try to choose high market share, perfect after-sales service system and after-sales service network and temporary market tested brand, not only due to covet price expensive to purchase good quality and no after-sales service products, it will have a big impact on enterprises to produce. After-sales service: each vendor's after-sales service differ in thousands ways, the warranty time is also the good and bad are intermingled. In after-sales service, not only to provide invalid daily maintenance plan, in view of the machine and laser software, must have the professional training system, help customers to get started as soon as possible.
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