The people rise information: energy transmission performance characteristics of optical fiber laser welding machine

by:cycjet     2020-08-03
Input waveform can be arbitrary set according to the welding materials and appearance etc, in the welding process of workpiece in detail, according to the appearance of task and data, change the laser energy input waveform, can greatly improve the welding quality, even some traditional laser welding machine can lose after change the laser input waveform processing. Energy response optical fiber transmission laser welding machine is widely used optical communication components, IT, medical, electronics, batteries, fiber coupler, tube electron gun, metal parts, mobile phone vibration motors, clocks and watches with a fine welding fine parts, auto lamp, etc. Optical fiber laser welding machine laser optical fiber can be completed at the same time input compared with the traditional hard light path of the input bits and pieces, you can add the comfortable degree of processing, can stop the multiple beam machining and transfer at the same time, provides the more sophisticated welding conditions. (1), the amount of real time control, waveform a variety of Settings, fine welding quality. Diction, volatility, high reliable, wave running 24 hours a day. (3), configuration, CCD coaxial monitoring bits and pieces, using the contact image installation, after switching operation can be in a display or identify check each solder joint position at the same time, the view is simple and straightforward. (4), energy response optical fiber transmission laser welding machine using real-time energy negative reaction, laser energy fluctuations, solder joint average size. 5], energy spectrometer or time spectral, can complete the welding or points at the same time. [6], the waveform can be according to the welding materials, shape, such as arbitrary set. Once, the spectral energy or time spectral, can complete the welding or points at the same time. Rich I/O interface, the user can easily control the welding machine. Being, key components adopt imported parts, ensure the quality of the products.
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