The people rise information: do you know the working principle of optical fiber laser marking machine?

by:cycjet     2020-08-03
Optical fiber laser marking machine as the name implies is to choose fiber laser, fiber laser is to choose multiple small air-cooled power laser diode as the pump sources are used, after several branches and then input single laser optical fiber coupling, with mixed rare earth element ( Nd, Yb Er) may A fiber laser introduction, in order to reflect lens, optical fiber grating as the cavity, impulsive and successive operations. Optical fiber laser marking machine principle of the new fiber laser with single mode output, good heat dissipation performance, high power, compact planning characteristics, especially suitable for high precision laser logo industrial use. The frequency of the optical fiber laser marking machine principle of work, is a typical 10 - 100 KHZ high repetition rate operation, 10 w - 20 w average power output of the volume of fiber laser products is very dainty, and there is no water cooling system, greatly reduce the volume. Due to the optical fiber laser marking machine laser diode is low voltage operation, the electric power optical fiber laser marking machine, fiber laser is as high as 70%, intrusive and lamp pumped Nd - drive power supply YAG laser comparison is negligible. 1, optical fiber laser marking machine, laser without water cooling equipment, small size, high power, high reliability, free repair for a long time, save operating capital. 2, high fiber laser pulse repetition frequency and the output power is extremely stable, single pulse energy change is less than 1%, and even complete high speed laser engraving, can also be precise manipulation of the depth and shape of the light spot. 3, fiber laser marking machine, laser beam quality is good, close to the diffraction limit. TEM00 base transverse mode output, M2 is close to 1, the beam divergence Angle of 0. 24 mrad; Four habits, fiber laser marking machine environment ability is strong, can be in high shaking, the environment of high humidity of normal operation, the fiber laser can have high power, plug power as high as 20%, electro-optical transformation power of up to 70%; Principle of optical fiber laser marking machine dedicated marking software can identify the collected by digital camera or scanner input, download on the Internet and computers in the manufacturing of any plane drawing graphics text clutter and qr code and barcode, manufacturing A variety of symbols, to transform it into digital signal, through the programming calculation into current control signal input device, A corresponding control signal and pass by D/A card operation control and high precision servo motor, and then separation control of reflection on the x direction and y direction galvanometer deflection point of view. Laser is A secondary light source. B fiber laser control device, is used to control operation situation of fiber laser, marking machine control computer through the manipulation of the laser output. C for vibrating mirror system, is the first parts of optical fiber laser marking system, laser through the movement of the vibrating mirror, on parts on mark out of a particular track. 'E' is for f - Q lens, the laser beam has set it to the workpiece. Optical fiber laser marking machine through a special marking on the principle of microcomputer control software input the demand on the text and pattern, set the text pattern and intrusive, overall engraving area, walking speed and the number of repeat demand, laser beam vibrating mirror can movement under the control of microcomputer, manipulation of the laser beam in workpiece superscript text and carving out set pattern. In the principle of optical fiber laser marking machine laser galvanometer system operation process. Vibration inside the system, there are two pieces of high precision servo motor driving mirror. Servo motor under the control of microcomputer separation changes the perspective of two pieces of mirror, a laser beam through the two pieces of mirror reflection, the f - Q mirror collection to the artifacts of different directions. http://www。 szmslaser。 com
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