The people rise information: correct use and maintenance method of laser engraving machine

by:cycjet     2020-08-22
Correct use and maintenance method of laser engraving machine, laser engraving machine to be careful in the use and maintenance, so that the machine can have stable effect. Laser power, laser engraving machine, machine tool bed must have a good grounding protection line. The need for grounding is: to guarantee the normal work of the laser power, laser can be extended, the service life of laser tube, can prevent the pulper caused the external interference, prevent accident harm caused by the high voltage discharge circuit. Cooling water smooth with tap water or water circulating pump of laser engraving machine, must remain open. Cooling water take away the heat generated by the laser tube, the higher the temperature, the lower the light output power ( In the 15 - At 20 ℃, the higher the water temperature) , caused by the accumulation of laser heat pipe burst, and even damage the laser power. So feel free to check whether the cooling water flow is needed. When the pipe is folded ( Death or bend) Loss, pump failure, must repair in time, so as to avoid power drops even damage equipment. Cleaning and maintenance, good ventilation, ready to wipe the machine cleaning and maintenance, is a necessary condition for normal operation of the machine. If human joints hurt, and how to action? Also, is the core of the work after the completion of the high precision machine tool parts, each must be clean, maintain smooth lubrication; Each bearing lubricated periodically, make flexible drive, machining accuracy, prolong the service life. Environmental temperature and humidity of the ambient temperature should be 5 - 35 ℃ range, if you are using is in below freezing environment must be: prevent laser tube water freeze in the cycle, when the phone is switched on laser current must be preheated above 5 minutes work in rainy and humid environment, laser power, preheating time Y are high pressure, humidity, preventing breakdown. High voltage circuit, 'high pressure' laser 'button to laser high voltage' button when dialing, proper use of laser power on standby, 'artificial light' or computer misuse, lasers, lead to accidental injuries. Requirements on each job, if not a continuous process, should always be closed laser ( Laser, high current cannot pass) , when the machine operators, prohibited to leave, in order to avoid accidents, continuous working time not less than five hours, 30 minutes to rest in the middle. Away from the power interference power equipment vibration, sometimes caused by mechanical failure, although rare, but should be avoided. As a result, such as electric welding machine, mixer, and large giant power transmission and transformation equipment, equipment should be far away from the strong move. 'Earth', and lightning protection. Special advice: the unstable region in power network ( Such as voltage fluctuation is more than 5%) , requiring users to install a capacity at least more than 3000 w power supply, voltage to prevent burning circuit or computer suddenly swings. Stability control PC control maintenance. PC machine is mainly used for carving equipment control to use. In addition to increase the necessary plane design software, please do not install a special plane. Due to a computer network card and antivirus and firewall can seriously influence the speed control of the machine. Please don't install anti-virus firewall in the control machine, used for network data communication is disabled. Before you begin sculpting guide card machine maintenance: in the process of sports guidance, because of the processed material can produce a lot of dust. Maintenance methods: guide the original lubricating oil and dust wiping with cotton, wipe clean, and then in the guide rail surface and side coated with a layer of lubricating oil. Maintenance period: about a week. Maintenance: fan fan work after a period of time, the fan and the exhaust pipe will accumulate a large amount of dust, dust will affect the efficiency of the fan exhaust. Causing a lot of smoke emissions. Maintenance methods: exhaust pipe connected with fan throat ring is loose, remove the exhaust pipe. Remove dust from the exhaust pipe and fan. Maintenance time: about one month. Screw fastening: sports system in a certain period of time, the movement of the joint screw will loose, loose screw. Maintenance methods: use tools one by one to tighten the screws. Warranty: about one month. Lens: maintenance machine work after a period of time. Due to the working environment with a layer of ash, lens will stick to the surface, this will reduce the reflectance of reflection lens and light transmittance of the lens. Which affects the working power of the laser. Maintenance methods: ethanol absorbent cotton along the clockwise gently wipe the surface of the lens, wipe the dust. In a word, laser engraving machine is to use every day so that we will pay attention to maintenance and maintenance. This will greatly improve the service life and efficiency of our machine.
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