The people rise fact: laser marking machine of the common problems and treatment method

by:cycjet     2020-08-05
1) check solution 1 everyday problems. Gear, drive with three gear, off and on, run, off is forced to disconnect the laser, on is forced to glow, but the correct operation is to use the run run. 2. Check the adjust the light path, check the krypton lamp switch, check the replacement of laser power supply, check the replacement Q drive. 3. Check the card or drive circuit to have loose, the board and drive for damage. 4. Check the computer operating system. (2) the problem of weak light with solution 1. Check whether the focal length is correct, check whether the water temperature is too high. 2. Check whether the marking software is wrong, the correct way is to choose the CW. 3. Check whether the krypton lamp is damaged or aging. 4. Check whether the Q drive gear is correct, Q drive has three gear 'M1. M2. The M3 ', want to choose the M1. 5. Check whether the Q switch is set, see if half the mirror. 6. To check whether there is damage, galvanometer laser light path is correct. 7. Check the total reflection mirror, half mirror, cavity, beam expander is adjusted. 8. Pay attention to check the total reflection mirror, half mirror, the galvanometer, focusing mirror, Q switch lenses if dirty to wipe, can't use hard objects or tamper with a piece of cloth to wipe, to add alcohol to swab to wipe, lest the lens scratched lenses. (3) about the galvanometer question 1. Check the galvanometer signal circuit, check whether the galvanometer is damaged. 2. Check whether the card is damaged, check whether the computer software is hurt. 3. Check the marking software parameters are correct. (4) 1 for galvanometer shaking with the noise problem. Check whether the board, ground beneath. 2. Gradually open the laser power supply with Q drive, see which parts are caused by the problem in the solution. (5) marking machine continuous light question 1. Laser marking machine boot sequence error is likely to lead to continuous light, in the right way is: open the total power supply & gt; Open the computer & gt; Marking software & gt; Cold water machine & gt; Q drive & gt; Laser power supply & gt; Power on press run start & gt; Open the galvanometer power & gt; , to turn it off in the opposite order. 2. Board damaged, Q switch is not set, the Q drive damage, damage of Q switch, computer system failure, marking software has a problem can lead to continuous light. 3. Wrong Q drive gear, Q drive is divided into three gear OFF and ON, the RUN, the right is select RUN, ON luminescence is mandatory, OFF is forced to disconnect the laser.
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