The _ people easily get phone logo liters laser marking machine

by:cycjet     2020-07-11
In the information age today, the people of the communication between each other from the envelope & gt; Landline telephone booth & gt; Mobile phone, how big is the development of science and technology change, the mobile phone is indispensable in our daily life nowadays, irreplaceable a communication equipment, with nearly a. Along with the market demand for more and more, the design of mobile phone also gradually more up, function, brand, and brand for an enterprise, is a kind of honor, responsibility, commitment, credibility, through the recognition of the brand to consumers to buy the product, and the logo is a symbol of foreign brands. If the phone without logo, estimates that few people can recognize it, because now the popularity of mobile phone industry development, the mobile phone brand style, size and function between. Mobile phone brand, therefore, need to have a unique identity CARDS, logo, can let the consumer to recognize this is which brand, which is indispensable. MOPA mobile phones back shell of laser marking used basic it is used in plastics, such as that of the nokia, LG, samsung, etc are made with plastic shell, and adopt the way of printing, screen printing has many shortcomings, it is printing ink taste, delicate, fade easily enough, easy to lose luster, heavy pollution and so on, now many places are not allowed to use mimeograph prescribed by the state, because of the pollution is too big, not environmental protection. So how to meet the aesthetic needs of consumers? Today's mobile phone is also more and more materials, such as ceramics, glass, metal fuselage shell have, for manufacturers and consumers to identify the demand is higher and higher, traditional way of silk screen and unable to meet demand, laser marking machine on the mobile phone LOGO LOGO stand out, become the industry upstart. MOPA charger laser marking cell phone brand manufacturers are now began to pay attention to detail, from mobile phones LOGO to the inner configuration, mobile phone charger, headphones and other will use laser marking machine for marking, laser marking machine has obvious advantages, the first to use laser marking machine, environmental protection free from contamination second laser marking machine is a non-contact processing, not to produce machine pressure deformation of workpiece, and the target speed, high accuracy, clear and beautiful, permanent, not wipe will not fade, no material etc. Because the demand of the market, the domestic many powerful laser technology company began to research and development to expand the field of 3 c applied laser, with the domestic well-known enterprise people liters laser as an example, the people the raising of the laser optical fiber laser marking, choice of ultraviolet laser marking machine, 3 d laser marking machine, MOPS, laser marking machine, etc. Products are widely used in the famous mobile phone manufacturers LOGO marking. MOPA headphones liters laser laser marking people MOPA laser marking machine with high precision, good beam quality, short pulse width, high peak power, high frequency modulation, etc. The fine processing, high speed, is three times of the traditional marking machine, MOPA laser marking machine mobile phone LOGO LOGO wear-resisting, delicate and beautiful, lasting sheen, strong sense of quality, keep the cell phone looks more high-end delicate, so popular with lots of mobile phone manufacturers. Now laser equipment has gradually replaced the traditional screen printing, become one of the main equipment of the 3 c electronic industry, regardless of mobile phone product material diversification, laser marking machine can hand over the perfect effect. Laser marking machine is widely used in the 3 c electronic industry not just, also popular in other industries, is the laser marking machine market prospects and potential.
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