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The Outstanding Contribution of Inkjet Printer in the Identification of Food Packaging Bottle Caps

The Outstanding Contribution of Inkjet Printer in the Identification of Food Packaging Bottle Caps


The Outstanding Contribution of Inkjet Printer in the Identification of Food Packaging Bottle Caps


Food packaging inkjet printer is a special equipment for inkjet identification of food bags controlled by software. With the continuous development of the food industry, food packaging has become more and more. Therefore, the technology of using food inkjet printer to spray code on food packaging is also improving, with more and more functions, and the technical content and built-in text and other software are becoming more and more powerful.


The latest food packaging bag inkjet printer technology adopts the world-famous gear pump, high integrated circuit design and fully sealed ink circuit circulation system to ensure the long-term and reliable operation of the machine. Automatic tracking and adjustment of ink pressure, automatic detection and control of equipment operation. It has built-in international first and second-class Chinese character library, with a total of more than 7000 characters, and can input Chinese characters through Pinyin input method, location input method, code input method and other input methods. two hundred and forty × 128 large screen with backlit LCD display, printing information, editing WYSIWYG. The text and pattern are directly compiled by the keyboard without replacing the chip, connecting the computer or using special software. Automatic printing date, time, batch number, serial number, etc.

The key of the new food packaging inkjet printer is energy saving. The ink consumption of this equipment can be sprayed with 70 million characters per liter, the operation cost is low, and the consumption of economic and practical consumables is only one fifth of that of the traditional air source type. And jet printing ink can be black, blue, red and other colors. Spray printing materials can be used to spray printing metal, wood, pipeline, plastic, glass, and building materials.

Therefore, using this new type of food packaging bag inkjet printer can not only save more costs for enterprises, but also operate more stably and have higher efficiency.


Inkjet printer can be classified into continuous inkjet printer and on-demand inkjet printer. On demand inkjet printer is divided into three types: piezoelectric inkjet technology, pressure valve inkjet technology and thermal foaming inkjet technology.


Bottle cap is an important part of food and drink packaging, and it is also the first place for consumers to contact with products.


Bottle caps are widely used in bottled products because they have the functions of keeping the contents closed, anti-theft opening and safety. Therefore, bottle caps are the upstream industry of food, beverage industry, wine, chemical industry and pharmaceutical industry. They are the key products of bottle container packaging.


The bottle cap is used to seal the bottle. According to different functions, there are bottle caps with different shapes and different operation methods. For example, the mineral water bottle cap is round and screwed, the pop can bottle cap is circular and pulled, the meat can bottle cap has no fixed shape, the injection bottle cap is glass integrated, which should be polished around with a grinding wheel and then popped open, and the beer bottle cap is pried.


Bottle cap inkjet printer:


Bottle cap inkjet printer, an inkjet equipment marked on the bottle cap. The caps of bottle cap products need to be marked, such as batch number, production date, Chinese and English, anti channeling article number, etc. At present, almost all bottle caps are identified by inkjet printer, and some use laser printer. Bottle cap inkjet printer is widely used in bottle cap identification of food, beverage, wine and so on. The bottle cap identification uses the inkjet printer, which has high speed, assembly line inkjet, high efficiency, and good inkjet effect to meet the customer's requirements. Bottle cap inkjet machines are basically mainly imported bottle cap inkjet equipment.

Main functions of bottle cap inkjet printer:


● marking function: it can mark Chinese and English text, time and date, bar code, serial number, etc., and output Chinese and English, graphics, various bar codes, QR codes, etc. The font library has complete functions, up to 200 fonts. You can customize single line fonts and create a proprietary single line font library;


● automatic mixed award function: realize automatic mixed award according to the corresponding text and proportion; At the same time, it can also automatically mix awards for each batch or box;


● anti fleeing function: the area code can be customized to facilitate dealer management and prevent cross-linking.


● waterfall lid trimming function: the waterfall lid trimming machine can trim the lid to reduce the wear or printing damage of the lid caused by lid trimming, especially to protect the printed pattern of the bottle cap.


● rejection function: each channel uses a visual detection camera recognition system to completely eliminate the missing or incomplete bottle caps to ensure the integrity and correctness of the bottle cap marking information.


● confidentiality function: after the marking content is edited, a new interface will be entered to keep the marking content confidential.


● production tracking function: save the shift, time, content and other data of production to facilitate supervision and tracking.


● automatic counting and packing function: the system can automatically count and pack when the marking is completed. After the front box is full, an alarm will be sent automatically to remind the operator to replace the empty box, and so on.


As an important equipment in the packaging industry, inkjet printer is more and more widely used in various industries. Inkjet printer is a kind of equipment that marks products through software control. At present, it is one of the packaging machinery industries with rapid development in China's market. Now, in order to facilitate product identification and tracking investigation of product quality, inkjet printer is more and more widely used in industry, The complexity of the corresponding application is also gradually increasing.


At present, inkjet printer has penetrated into every corner of life and work, and the types of inkjet printer on the market are also increasing. In order to adapt to the development trend of today's society, the intelligent and multifunctional continuous automatic inkjet technology is gradually mature and applied. This makes the inkjet printer have great development potential in the market and have greater development power in today's highly competitive market. In the future, inkjet printer will have more strength to develop and grow in the market.


It is worth noting that in today's market, if an enterprise wants to grow steadily in the market, its reputation is essential. A good enterprise can not only bring greater profits to more manufacturers, but also enable the enterprise to develop rapidly in the market. Therefore, relevant inkjet printer manufacturers should focus on brand construction and establish a good social reputation.



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