The operation of the laser welding machine safety considerations

by:cycjet     2020-07-19
The operation of the laser welding machine safety precautions as you all know, laser, the light has a biological effects ( Ripe effect, light effect, pressure effect and electromagnetic field effect) , the biological efficiency while bring benefits to people, without protection or the protection is bad also to the eyes, skin and nervous system tissue damage caused, directly or indirectly. In order to ensure the safety of the people rises when the laser welding and protection, laser hazard must be kept under strict control, engineering control, personal protection and safety management. 1, engineering, control engineering control refers to laser or laser processing system security measures taken in the structure, mainly includes: shield - — To prevent the staff to accept more than allow exposure; Safety chain, — Refers to the linked to shield, remove the cover can avoid radiation automatic device; Safety light path - — In irradiation may cause burns or secondary radiation light path given in closed; Key switch - — When referring to remove the key, laser transfer; Beam end - — Or controlled processing areas in order to make the laser beam, beam can be used to terminate or attenuator. 2, personal protection mainly refers to wear refractory and heat resistance of laser protective clothing, wearing can selectively attenuation specific wavelength of laser protective glasses, wear used in uv laser source of laser protective mask, wearing can avoid direct or injuries caused by laser scattering laser protective gloves. 3, safety management and safety management mainly include the setting enterprise specialized agencies or personnel, clear responsibilities and rights: including safety training supervision, etc. , if you need more understanding of the laser welding machine safety operation knowledge, can ask the local laser marking vendors would the personnel of the service, such as shenzhen litres of laser, in customer service 24 hours service for you to solve!
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