The old driver to tell you, how to use the safe use of laser cutting machine!

by:cycjet     2020-07-13
As the market popularity of laser cutting machine, the scope of more and more widely used, the volume of the machine is also smaller and smaller, and even home miniature laser cutting machine. The security problem is one of the very important thing, so how to operate the laser cutting machine to do safety? The old driver to take you! The first thing to know about the basic steps and machine performance, facilities, and other accessories to check before starting the system especially the brake light switch. Near the laser cutting machine should be equipped with a fire extinguisher in case of one thousand, and to master the use of fire extinguisher, the range of laser equipment must complete isolation measures, to ensure that leaked laser under up to emission limits, and set up the warning sign. Set the content such as: not allowed inside, inside the laser radiation, protect the eyes, laser cutting machine work, no one shall be close to, and so on. The old driver to tell you, how to use the safe use of laser cutting machine! Laser cutting machine in the process of operation are strictly forbidden to open the machine cover, machine operator after drinking or fatigue work, general accidents are due to carelessness caused irreparable damage. Maintenance machines are prohibited inside the metal products, metal objects is easy to cause electric shock, laser and optical system maintenance adjustment, is a dangerous job, cannot repair alone, two people together. When the machine does not have material output laser beam is forbidden, otherwise easy to cause accident, equipment damage. Equipment don't be put beside the flammable explosive, the surface of the material can not have oil, otherwise easy to cause fire. Laser cutting machine in the work area must keep ventilated, clean and conducive to send out to prevent the harmful gas, laser cutting machine in the process of running it is forbidden to close, if open the workbench, extend to 500 mm. Of movement in the area of the beam will be the impact to human body, the movement of the beam and fixed bed may squeeze the human body, door, base, sharp objects or needle bearing plunger may be stabbed, plunge into the human body, high power density of laser, can cause fatal damage to human body. Laser cutting machine operators must wear goggles and protective clothing to prevent the machine in the process of cutting metal spatter and hurt the eyes or for other reasons, the operator must be taken when leaving the machine power switch key and the key of the laser, in order to avoid other people wrong operation and cause an accident, laser cutting machine of the lens damage cannot be directly by hand to touch, damage to the lens cannot be handled in unusual way, should call professional maintenance personnel to handle, in order to avoid causing other accidents.
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