The New Year with a laser marking machine picture how to adjust the data

by:cycjet     2020-08-07
New Year with a laser marking machine pictures how to adjust the data with the innovation and development of laser technology, laser marking machine private custom-made gift industry, more and more entrepreneurs like this opportunity, purchase of optical fiber laser marking machine back for a license plate is hanged, following, pet CARDS, lighters, jewelry accessories, and other products for private ordering. , of course, in the choice of a laser device at the same time, we first make the price comparison, and a lot of blind laser equipment who thought of choose and buy the cheaper the better, all of the laser marking machine or configuration with the low end of the poor, or no quality assurance, after-sales, no training, so to spend tens of thousands of dollars to buy back the laser marking machine is just a decoration, everywhere, not operation, as time passes with the low processing just bought not love head of laser marking machine, is the transfer of second-hand laser marking machine market, money spent, but not return, I believe that there are many such people. People liters laser on the market today shenzhen private ordering the common photo how to adjust the data of related knowledge to solve a problem, laser marking machine to play image parameters how to play the very good effect to debugging to? Why does hit the picture is not clear, look have pitting as how to deal with the laser marking machine play photos? Let's go into the theme, first prepare a hd photo a ( Low photos not pixel is too low to play a good effect) Pictures, imported into the laser marking machine software, then we will set the related parameters. What is the meaning of first fixed DPI values? Simple popular speak be pixels, the higher the set inside, the type of effect is better, the relative time will be slow, commonly used here set value in 300 - Around 600, of course you also can to set higher, everyone here can be related parameters. Then we are going to set up relevant pictures parameters, most of the time we want to photo set inversion and network mode ( Also can appear not reverse the situation, under normal circumstances is need to set up reverse) , set out into the expansion, check the light processing, contrast adjustment is to control the ideal effect of type photo, white area for marking, black area for marking. Here in the scanning mode, the commonly used here is dot pattern I set is 0. 5, two-way scanning is generally not recommended, too slow or scanning, adjust power also need not. On the right side of the speed setting around 2000, 40 (power According to the product material to determine the power size set here 40 power belongs to the reference, following from a photo, higher power can be set) Problems setting up the 30 or so, frequency, frequency size, frequency, the greater the laser point is more intensive. Below parameters for roughly a dozen photos, but there's a, need to adjust the contrast each photo. If the above information cannot solve the problem, please contact the personnel of the service of laser marking vendors would, if no after-sales can contact people of litres of laser the personnel of the service, we will solve your problem one by one to you.
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