The main points of suzhou optical fiber laser cutting machine and technology

by:cycjet     2020-08-21
The main points of suzhou optical fiber laser cutting machine and technology. Compared with the traditional desktop notebook computer, frontier radio project planning in suzhou optical fiber laser cutting machine, advantage is thin, notebook fuselage in narrow space, cooling capacity is limited by some, too, even if equipped with super low power consumption microprocessor, cooling effect is not very good, too. Laptop is often high temperature, automatic stop, are a direct result of the computer running faster and faster, it also means that shorten the life of a laptop. Therefore, notebook cooling hole cutting technology has aroused more and more attention. To highlight the defects of the traditional aluminum and aluminum alloy laptop shell, for example, the cooling hole when machining processing manufacturers, an average of two seconds of traditional mechanical cutting method and processing time, processing effect, consistency is very difficult to get security, often cutting edge of scraping the slag, burr, deformation and other problems, if things do, seriously affect the production quality and transmission efficiency. Suzhou fiber laser cutting machine is strong version of the plate making system of convenient operation, and extended with laser cutting, no output board is a kind of design is combined with the version of the system, only modify some key data changes in the structure of linkage design, can be realized at the same time have left foot shoe imaging function, can also cut the style of his left foot, automatic typesetting function can greatly reduce waste; Can realize automation, continuous processing, at the same time configurable intelligent typesetting software, suitable for cutting and embroidery fabrics, can also according to the processing requirements, through the configurable double incentive, intelligent typesetting software, make the process faster, higher utilization rate of fabric; All kinds of laser power and processing format optional processing platform, customers can according to your own personalized need to configure the ideal. To resolve the suzhou fiber laser cutting machine cutting processing method of problems of suzhou is porous fiber laser cutting machine. High cutting efficiency, cutting quality and cutting surface smooth, only in the computer program to cut graphics, flash when eyes blink of an eye, and then cut good graphics. A preliminary calculation, the use of henan zhengzhou kitchen to replace the conventional fiber laser cutting machine, cutting equipment, from the original 2 seconds shortened to zero. 5 seconds, machining efficiency more than doubled. Suzhou fiber laser cutting machine and control on the size and precision stamping punch is difficult, the Roanoke laser control four points, as follows: first, by laser small divergence Angle ( 0. 001-0. 003rad) Control the aperture, get shorter focal length or lower energy output. High melting point micro hole machining holes. Good thermal conductivity material aperture is 0. 01 ~ 1 mm, the smallest aperture is 0. 001mm。 Secondly, deep hole control improve the laser output energy, pulse width is reasonable ( Materials and good thermal conductivity, short pulse width) should be adopted , the application methods ( Simplex single grid distribution) For small deep hole diameter hole depth can be larger. Laser should be used repeatedly, lens focal length ( 15~30mm) Drilling. Using the base mould processing, focusing lens, lens, lens optic axis and the laser beam axis to improve the roundness of laser module, laser machining hole deviating from the focus of components, select the appropriate laser energy can improve the roundness. Fourth, less than usually increase the drilling aperture cone cone hole, the laser output energy or small appropriate irradiation for many times, short focal length, lens refractive index, and reduce the incident light and such as holes between the measurement of the Angle between the optical axis. Suzhou taper fiber laser cutting machine, periodically clean the suction device, fan air duct cleaning. Otherwise a large number of exhaust smoke and dust flowing rapidly, causing serious pollution of lens and the laser tube, make it easy to contact oxidation caused by the mechanical and electronic components. Second, cooling system, they can often clean water tank and waterways, refrigeration temperature control water tank temperature control points to be fair, otherwise power laser tube is easy to damage and the dew drops, cold water pipe head loss, shorten service life. Sometimes doesn't work, causing the pipeline for replacement. Laser cutting machine working environment not too bad, if the environment temperature is higher than 30 degrees, below 18 degrees, too much dust, air pollution is serious. Therefore, the machine was badly damaged and constantly improve the failure rate; Wet environment electrical accessory is very easy to get wrong. As a result, there is a special remind customers improve work environment and often machine maintenance. 4, laser tube working current fair. Can't work in 90 ~ 100 light intensity, reasonable application of laser, laser energy saving; Optical system should be kept clean, accurate, or laser tube will have a premature aging and rupture. Therefore, time should be adjusted to 50 - laser machine work 60, and then adjust speed according to the material. This is the working state of the laser tube. Fifth, to match the power grid. The whole equipment of power allocation and the contact point should be good, Fan, water cooler, laser machine, laser power supply) The computer must independent power supply.
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