The infighting of laser equipment industry, do you think how to develop?

by:cycjet     2020-07-19
In 21 years, China's industrial laser company has three national talent platform: the national engineering research center of laser processing laser technology state key laboratory of laser processing and exhibition center. Three qualifications of honor: China's industrial laser is the national key high-tech enterprises participated units of the international standards of establishing national standards leading organization and unit. China's industrial laser as a famous brand of laser tender equipment, established a marketing network across the country, also has a growing international marketing network. Large laser marking machine products include optical fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine popularization end pumped semiconductor side pump laser marking machine, YAG laser marking machine, etc. In 2003, China's first optical fiber laser marking machine successfully developed in China's industrial laser. Since then, China is becoming more and more mature in the field of optical fiber laser marking laser. At present, China laser devices include CO2 laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, uv laser marking machine 3 kinds of models. Also provides a hand-held laser marking machine, laser marking machine, 3 d laser marking machine, laser marking machine and other equipment for PCB. There are many series to choose from, each series has different dynamic model. Each model can be equipped with safety guards. At the same time, you can also according to the needs of users to establish a sole model. High-end customers and the general small and medium-sized customers can find the right in China's industrial laser laser marking machine. Laser marking machine has been widely used in various industry. At the same time, the laser technology is also constantly improve the CO2 laser marking machine uv laser marking machine's performance. And hand-held laser marking machine, small size, easy to carry and can be integrated on the production line of on-line laser marking machine, can be used for the surface markers of 3 d laser marking machine, etc. , more and more of the laser marking machine equipment, application scope is more and more widely. The emergence of laser equipment it speeds up the processing of various industries in our country, on the other hand and intensified competition in the market for the laser industry. The laser marking machine market competition becomes more intense, laser marking machine brand melee pattern formation. The people rise began in 2007 into the laser industry, it has been 12 years, the company's core team has an automated, with customized non-standard equipment. People rose laser is a professional manufacturer of laser equipment brand, at present, people up main products include optical fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, UV laser marking machine, mini laser engraving machine, UV and high precision laser marking equipment. 3 d rotation more than five industrial laser equipment production and sales. There are many categories, involving special field and non-standard automated laser marking equipment. In fact, a well-known brand is generally have a after-sale protection, the response speed is the key to winning service, these are inseparable from the perfect after-sales service network. And accumulated years of experience in after-sales service. And how brand after-sales service experience of users is the most clear, providing customers with 24-hour duty system before sales and after sales service system engineer peer-to-peer training maintenance and debugging equipment failure maintenance technology support. 。 To establish a complete user profiles, regularly review customer satisfaction survey. And provide free installation and debugging, one year free warranty, life-long maintenance and software upgrades. During the warranty period, equipment and parts damage ( Human factors and the factors of force majeure) Except, the company is also responsible for free repair needed to change, in addition to the company to provide consumables, warranty more upkeep only charged at cost.
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