The future demand for the development of clothing industry

by:cycjet     2020-08-07
China, arguably the world's most populous nation with a population of 1. 5 billion or so, it no matter for any industry is a huge market. , to provide for and these are the people indispensable, so China is the world's most development potential of consumption power, but as the people's life increasingly rich, the people begin to pay close attention to with food and clothing live line. Clothing is a necessary choice to go out every day. Is not in right now is just wear warm in the past, but to fashion personality. Brought a huge challenge for responsible for industry, today's garment industry is mostly use template to make. So there are many problems, for example: the traditional production needs a large number of employees, but difficult to dismiss workers and recruit skilled workers more difficult, but the cost of hiring new training is higher, and also don't know how long can do, a single phone orders, design is too much less, short delivery date and quality requirement is high. So under such pressure, laser cutting engraving machine should be formed, laser cutting engraving machine can be complex simplification, standardization, thus to solve the clothing industry faces a series of problems. Laser cutting machine as a direct processing instruments of fabric, the processing precision and the standards are extremely important. Especially in the face of expensive cloth is to achieve excellence. With the diversification of the style of garment industry, the traditional processing way because the production cycle is too long, has been unable to meet the market demand is now, and garment processing precision and speed of laser cutting technology is required to reality. Laser cutting machine as today zui advanced high and new technology, laser cutting machine adopts is a non-contact machining method, with automatic typesetting function, to large extent reduce the deformation of the clothing material such as acrylic, PVC, do reasonable cutting cutting, reduce the waste of raw materials. And laser cutting machine processing precision can reach millimeter less than, no crack, smooth incision, cutting speed, do not need to process in late. Laser can not only cut can produce was unable to complete the design and modelling of traditional processing way, and is a forming, so the laser cutting machine has begun to widely used in the clothing industry, and also received the general processing factory. The people rose garment laser cutting machine - MS 1320 people clothing laser cutting machine is litres of independent research and development production of garment laser cutting machine, the machine run smoothly, have followed convulsions system, can effectively reduce soot produced during the cutting material, on the surrounding environment and processing personnel will not cause any adverse impact. And support on the operation panel to modify parameters of images, with continued carving power function and so on. If want to know more detailed information can contact the following telephone: 16675359159
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