The environment have influence on the use of laser marking machine? The people rise laser

by:cycjet     2020-07-10
Laser marking machine is the manufacturing and processing industries are widely used in a device, almost throughout all of the industry, in our daily life, a laser target products can be seen everywhere. But the same device, some people have used four or five years is still in use, some people use a two or three years will not line, is this why? It with enterprise's operation mode, the usage of the facilities and environment, laser marking machine, although also can work normally in the bad environment, but all have certain effects on equipment performance and service life, and is the process of operation is in the correct way, this is all to the service life of laser marking machine, and the stability of performance has a certain impact. So what are the environmental performance of the service life of laser marking machine and influential? 1, with corrosion environment is not suitable for long-term use of laser marking machine 2, strong magnetic, near high voltage affects the signal transmission of marking machine, laser marking machine 3 power supply is used three core power of the two core, not with 4, laser marking machine voltage is 220 v, the voltage instability is unfavorable use 5, circuit and junk clogging, people will have an impact on equipment litres of laser in the laser industry for 11 years, has a lot of research and development manufacturing process, in the aspect of non-standard automated laser marking also has a rich experience, including optical fiber laser marking machine, uv laser marking machine, co2 laser marking machine, etc. Series of products, to meet the different needs of all walks of life, can install in a variety of flexible assembly line above, and laser marking to the requirement of environment is not too much, stable performance, marking speed, identified by delicate, beautiful and grade. Either metallic materials or non-metallic materials, laser marking machine can perfect to complete the task, such as: auto parts, medical equipment, electronic appliances, daily necessities, hardware supplies, food packaging, wine packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, 3 c, wire and cable, leather, clothing, shoes, stationery, jewelry, gifts and so on are able to do marking, label processing industry is the device of choice.
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