The development of laser cutting machine

by:cycjet     2020-07-27
With the development of science and technology, the promotion of people's living standard, thus causing people to use the quality of the goods, appearance is becoming more and more demanding. Used in all started with a new generation of enterprises in our country, strengthen their own strength, so processing industry how to improve its strength and not be eliminated by age? That is about to say to the laser equipment, since the laser equipment, more and more widely used field. Especially in recent years, such as one of the laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine is the use of laser beam on the material and release energy to make the material surface melting and evaporation, thus can reach the effect of cutting and engraving, which is small and medium-sized processing plants use most of the equipment. Laser cutting machine has the advantages: 1, first of all, laser cutting machine, cutting speed, high precision, and the cut surface level off is smooth, no residue on the surface of, saving material, save cost, also can improve the income of enterprises. 2, laser cutting machine is a computer operation, simple and convenient operation, and the design of cutting can be arbitrarily set, can meet the various needs of customers, and high efficiency, is several times of traditional processing method. 3, laser cutting machine to work environment without any demands under the harsh environment also can normal operation. Using a wide range of laser cutting machine: 1, the leather material, organic glass, acrylic, plastic, rubber, wood products, bamboo products, wool, paper stock, bags. Vamp mobile phone protective film, clothing tag, 3 m glue, adhesive, all kinds of touch screen, conductive film, back plate, diffusion film, electrical insulation materials, SMT cover plate, PET, PC, PP, ABS, resin, paper, cloth fiber and composite fabric. 2, clothing, footwear, bags, computerized embroidery cutting, model, electronic appliances, toys, furniture, advertisement decoration, packaging and printing, paper products, arts and crafts. Household appliances, laser processing, etc. And laser cutting machine daily maintenance is convenient, simple, and can work continuously for a long time, one hour power consumption is 30 yuan, the efficiency is several times of the traditional artificial. Laser cutting machine is one of the most popular now each big factory, a device, and the required equipment. People rose is a commitment to global customers with laser equipment and laser intelligent solution of high and new technology enterprise. And the people rise laser has to be a leader in laser equipment as a development goal of enterprise culture.
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