The development of 3 d laser marking machine advantages have?

by:cycjet     2020-08-19
3 d laser marking differs from the traditional 2 d laser hit target is that 3 d laser marking is suitable for 3 d surface laser marking of various metal or nonmetal product 3 d marking to the requirement of processing materials is not high, but the processing effect is more rich and colorful, formed a more innovative processing procedure. With the rapid development of laser technology, laser processing are also change gradually, in order to meet the processing requirements, 3 d laser marking technology is now gradually rise. Compared with 2 d laser marking, 3 d laser marking for uneven surface and irregular shape can be laser marking fast, not only improves the machining efficiency, but also meet the personalized needs of machining now, given the current processing production present a rich style, now provide materials processing technology more innovative. In recent years, as the market gradually enlarge the business requirements of 3 d label, 3 d laser marking technology is a problem concerned by enterprises, some of the leading domestic enterprises have developed their own 3 d laser marking machine, the development of 3 d laser marking machine is widely used in many industries, provide professional solutions for curved surface machining. 3 d laser marking machine, adopts the model of focusing optics, use X, Y axis deflection lens. This is good for the transmission of laser spot, on the focusing effect on accuracy and energy has the very big enhancement, surface and three-dimensional marking is bigger. At the same time also won't like that kind of in 2 d laser marking, the focal length of laser and affect the machining surface energy, carving the effect is not ideal. After the use of 3 d mark in the surface, can be marked on the full use of the 3 d laser, greatly improving the processing efficiency. At present, in order to meet the specific needs, there are many irregular shape of the products, some products may be uneven, use 2 d laser marking has not up to the standard of the want, it will use the 3 d laser marking machine, although the current optical fiber laser marking machine has been widely used in many fields, but the 3 d laser marking machine to fill the deficiency of the laser surface treatment, provides a broad stage.
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