The classification and application of laser marking machine equipment

by:cycjet     2020-07-21
Now the mainstream of laser marking machine on the market there are several kinds of classification, and the product material for all different, each have each professional field, laser marking machine adopts high quality laser beam in different substances on the surface of a permanent mark, mark by evaporation were the effect of surface material to seal the fine design trademark and text. And take a look at the main applicable field and characteristic is introduced. By using of optical fiber laser marking machine, fiber laser has small, without water, good beam quality, etc. Suitable for metal materials and most of the non-metallic materials, especially suitable for some requirements finer, higher precision and higher requirements on smoothness of field; Separation of components, integrated circuits (electronics IC) , electrical circuits, mobile communications, metal products, cutting tool kitchen utensils and appliances, tools, accessories, precision instruments, glasses watches and clocks, computer keyboard, jewelry accessories, auto parts, plastic buttons, plumbing fittings, sanitary ware, PVC pipe, medical equipment, packaging bottles, etc. Co2 laser marking machine can be divided into the glass tube and rf tube two kinds, it is applicable to food, medicine, leather, tobacco, wood products, electronic and other nonmetallic industrial. Side pump laser marking machine adopts semiconductor laser pumped solid state laser as the pump sources are used, through the gain medium and chamber die space, can obtain high power and high beam quality laser output. Apply to the part of non-metallic materials, such as ABS, nylon, PES, PVC, polycarbonate and so on; And in the car, integrated circuit ( IC) , electronic components, silicon wafers, electronics, electrical appliances, communications, computer, clock and watch, glasses, jewelry, craft ornaments, etc. Ultraviolet laser marking machine is developed by 355 nm uv laser, 355 um focusing spot can reduce the mechanical deformation of the material, heat processing effect is small. Suitable for glass, polymer materials surface marking, microporous processing, food, medicine, cosmetics, electrical, polymer materials such as bottles ( Box) Surface marking, flexible PCB, LCD, TFT marking, scribing cutting, metal or nonmetal coating removal, such as silicon wafer micro hole, blind hole processing, etc.
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