The choose and buy of optical fiber laser cutting machine

by:cycjet     2020-08-13
The optical fiber laser cutting machine market demand is growing, and now a lot of small plants began to use optical fiber laser cutting machine to replace the previous old equipment. But there are many still waiting to see, want to buy don't know how to choose again, today the people rise small make up take you to look at to choose fiber laser cutting machine that should pay attention to several points. Before buying a laser cutting machine, first of all we need to know the products of their own material, then we can know about the laser cutting machine laser cutting machine to market some of the basic information, see the parameters of the laser cutting machine price, equipment, configuration, etc. Then select several market evaluation better communicate to proofing, talk about good price, equipment, training, delivery, payment, etc, we can go to the factory for field investigation. The choice of the power of laser cutting machine, we have to consider their own factors, the selection of laser cutting machine power is very important. Such as: general we cut metal under 6 mm, we choose 500 - 700 w is ok, if more than 6 mm metal materials, I will choose more high power laser equipment, under 700 w laser equipment has been unable to meet the production requirement. Choose a suitable laser device for an enterprise to the cost of consumption has a lot of help, laser is the key component of laser cutting machine, at the time of procurement is to focus on. Optical fiber laser cutting machine market share as high as you can, perfect after-sale system, through long-term brand market inspection. Can't because of the price to buy inferior without after-sale products, don't cry because it is greedy for petty gains and bring huge influence on products, each big manufacturer of after-sales service is not the same, after-sales service is not only provide customers with products of daily maintenance plan, and on the equipment, laser software to do a professional training, to help customers quickly control equipment. Configuration options, some of the main configuration we will understand and be clear to domestic or imported. Such as: laser cutting head, motor, rail, water tank, etc. , it is can directly affect the optical fiber laser cutting machine, cutting speed and precision in the counterfeit goods equipment, there are a lot of bad manufacturers of household domestic production of accessories as the price of imports to too much equipment, in order to deceive consumers. Now product development cycle is short, equipment replacement faster and faster, product style is also more and more. How to guarantee the customer's order quantity and quality, maintain the credibility of enterprises, improve the competitiveness of the enterprises, and this is the big laser equipment companies have to face huge challenges. So, buy stable performance, cost-effective, comprehensive after-sales service is the premise and foundation processing equipment development.
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