The choose and buy 400 w laser welding machine how many money need to pay attention to?

by:cycjet     2020-07-11
Laser equipment prices, have been users, especially start-up entrepreneurs, planning for funds are limited. So 400 w laser welding machine how many money? 400 w laser welding machine is belong to high power equipment, is higher than low power laser welding machine prices, mainly in the laser power and laser and other accessories. But the market also has a lot of padding equipment manufacturer, price is low but very poor quality, if you want to buy 400 w laser welding machine are need to pay attention to those details, today the people rise to give you a brief introduction of laser. First to learn about the power of laser equipment sizes can use the material, thickness, area, etc. , if you need to welding material is too thick, the low power is certainly not be completed. So first is to know what you need welding materials, welding, how much area. Such ability to select the appropriate laser welding machine, but the higher laser power, the relative price is higher. To know the main parts: laser welding machine, such as concentrated cavity, the role of the condensing cavity has two, one is to pump sources are used effective coupling with the work material, the other one is decided to the distribution of laser material density of the pump, thus affect the uniformity of output beam, the divergence and optical distortion. And condensing cavity has two kinds, domestic laser cavity are generally not ceramic, imports of condensing cavity are generally gold-plated cavity, now are generally refer to import the first, the effect is better, the service life is long, the price must be higher, but in the long run, the import price is higher, after all, is to be applied for a long time, not a one-time items. Then the pulse and spot, spot is the laser light spot size, pulse is continuous time of each pulse. If you are processing object is the product of fine processing, so light to very small, and pulse need large, so that the effect of the welding is uniform, delicate. Usually the pulse width is in 0. 3 ms - Within 20 ms. Combined with the content of the above, we can know the choose and buy laser welding machine can't from the price aspect to consider. As the saying goes, cheap goods is not good, the good product not cheap it is not without reason. , of course, also is not to say that don't consider the price, the laser welding machine of choose and buy must consider from various aspects, the price is just on the other hand, parts of quality is the key, this will affect the production in the future. So choose appropriate, cost-effective and high laser welding machine is king, I recommend you to purchase the people rise 400 w laser welding machine, welding product range is wide, later if you want to change the product also convenient debugging, don't need to buy another machine.
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