The characteristics of the portable laser marking machine and application in animal husbandry

by:cycjet     2020-08-13
1, because the laser is full the design of the fiber structure, so in a way it can guarantee the reliability of the laser use, can make it without any photochemical components can under the assistance and help of the adjustment of the light, make us at the time of use can reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble, save for our use of the use of a lot of time and energy. 2, the service life of it compared with the traditional laser marking machine is more long, at the same time, its volume is very small, do not need water cooling system of auxiliary can be used, in a simple air cooling process after it is able to provide us with a large volume of the traditional laser play mark used as a result, at the same time don't want to traditional marking machine that in the middle of the moving process also need to pay attention to the shockproof, it can be used under a certain amplitude of vibration and shock, also can be in high temperature or high dust content under the environment of use, is a very easy to use. 3, its work quickly, is one of the traditional two to three times, at the same time made to the amount of the mass of the fiber laser marking machine, the formation of small light graphics, can make line width is relatively narrow, let us in to carry on the fine marking work, also can be used when treat marking machine can satisfy our different needs. 4, when using special save electricity, not only can reduce our cost, can also help us to save electricity, everyone know now industrial special big, countries in order to make the factory can reduce power use so increased the charge, and when we use a portable laser marking machine we can greatly reduce our use of above cost. 5, can let users more convenient to use, because its system design is to use an integrated design, able to provide the use of different solutions for all walks of life, make use of more convenient. 6, because the volume is small, so at the time of receive place does not occupy a space, at the same time, because of the design, can conveniently carry out repairs and maintenance professionals. Its use area is very broad, ultraviolet laser marking machine can very good use in the hardware industry, can also be used on the computer keyboard and integrated circuit, and of course you wouldn't think of plastic products and the frames are marked above, make the portrayal of the mark is very clear and beautiful, and will never disappear, but also because it is not demanding to work environment, so it also can be installed on the production line for water flow characterization. Portable laser marking machine is we are the best choice when using marking machine, because of small volume, convenient to we carry and use, when we need to receive it return to also won't occupy position, is the best choice of laser marking machine. Used in the animal ear tag laser marking technology, not only can realize the permanent identity, achieve food traceability and anti-counterfeiting dual effect, because of its long service life, no pollution, high efficiency, high precision, also can help retailers and suppliers to save production cost and environmental cost. The application of laser marking machine in animal husbandry advantages:. Flexible structure, can be easily installed on the assembly line, professional support and can easily carry on before and after the adjustment under the optical fiber laser marking machine, even the condition of complex assembly line can be easily cope with. Professional industrial lasers, ensure faster marking speed and marking of consistency, guarantee the stability of continuous 24 hours processing, can easily adapt to the industrialized batch production demand. Photoelectric conversion rate is high, low energy consumption, long service life of machine and save a lot of processing costs for our customers. The man-machine dialogue friendly interface, wysiwyg, operation is simple and easy to fit in workers don't have to worry about the operation personnel change frequently. Read simple ox ear ear tag, it can understand its health, feeding history, even it chemical residue content in the body, from birth to death, the Australian cattle throughout their lifetime follow-up, lifelong monitoring, because they are equipped with 'best id'. Developed a series of devices and can be used for spray printing characters, English, number, production batch number, production date, expiration date, LOGO, real time clock information, preventing channeling digital anti-counterfeiting, meet GMP pharmaceutical industry, in line with the current national animal husbandry and agriculture industry standard directory articles of association. 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