The characteristics of the laser equipment, you know?

by:cycjet     2020-07-19
Has the following advantages of laser equipment in general and to the product without any damage. 1. Range: applicable material widely, almost can be used on all materials. 2. Non-contact processing way: data will not cause mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress. 'Mark' no harm machined part appearance; Will not make the material deformation; 3. Precision: machining precision can reach 0. 01 mm, generally less than 0. 5毫米; 4. Saving environmental protection: the light beam and light spot diameter is small, safety and health; 5. Effect is the same: to ensure the same batch of laser equipment processing effect is exactly the same; 6. High speed and quick: for small batch laser equipment processing services, can immediately according to the computer output pattern for the high speed laser engraving and cutting; 7. Tags: laser equipment mark is penetrating materials inside, not easy to wear and tear, don't like silk screen is easy to wipe off or wear and tear; 8. Low cost: not limited by processing quantity, laser processing more cheap;
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