The application of ultraviolet laser marking machine

by:cycjet     2020-07-14
Into 2020, ultraviolet laser marking machine has become the laser engraving industry upstart, due to its uniqueness, marking on the plastic material is perfect. Uv laser wavelength, at the same time, ultraviolet laser marking machine to avoid the excessive heat input and cause material damage. The characteristics of ultraviolet laser marking machine is: marking speed, no pollution, easy to operate. With the continuous development of industry, the ultraviolet laser marking machine has been widely used, so the use of its equipment, has the advantage? Although uv laser marking machine in the industrialization is not so popular, fiber laser marking machine and then the requirement of increasing the product process, uv laser marking machine in plastic and glass products industry has irreplaceable influence, because ultraviolet laser belongs to cold light, don't hurt the some characteristics of the material. Litres of laser, shenzhen people can fine engraving perfect graphic, its thermal effect is small, there will be no heating effect, will therefore not be burning phenomenon, for material marking process non-contact, boast skillful marking effect. Uv laser marking machine work quickly when applied in the production of circuit, a few minutes to surface etching pattern on the circuit board. This makes the uv laser PCB sample the fastest way. Ultraviolet ray trace in the production of circuit of the larger advantage, ultraviolet laser marking machine, circuit tracing line is extremely small, need to under a microscope to see. Uv laser marking machine
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