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The Application of CYCJET Laser Marking Technology in the Dairy Industry

The Application of CYCJET Laser Marking Technology in the Dairy Industry


The Application of CYCJET Laser Marking Technology in the Dairy Industry

In order to meet consumers’ demand for the diverse tastes of dairy products, manufacturers need to continuously innovate product and packaging designs. However, to be a leader in this industry, manufacturers must simultaneously improve efficiency and eliminate production errors. In this regard, laser marking technology provides many advantages for dairy producers. According to the given material and the type of laser marking machine, dairy packaging materials and laser marking technology can interact in completely different ways. The choice of high-quality laser marking solutions depends on the level of understanding of these interactions.

1. Mark on the aseptic packaging container

(1) Identification through integration:

Due to the production characteristics of the filling equipment, aseptic container identification needs to be carried out on the conveying system after filling and sealing. The CYCJET online laser marking machine can operate in a humid and clean environment and can complete high-quality marking without being affected by the external environment, thereby saving time and costs.

(2) Mark directly on the container:

Laser marking is performed by burning the ink layer on the top of the packaging box. Small configuration differences can produce huge performance differences, so a configurable laser marking solution is the best option for printing high-quality logos on a given material.

2. Mark on HDPE bottles and pots

(1) Identification through integration:

Self-adhesive labeling integration:

The high-speed laser marking machine can be integrated into the labeling machine. Marking on the stationary label before labeling can obtain better marking readability and marking position repeatability.

Glue labeling integration:

If cold or hot glue labels are used, it is recommended to mark the container before labeling. This will help ensure that the marking position is accurate and clear.

Conveyor production line labeling integration:

When the container is moving on the conveyor, marking on the label is a viable option. However, it is important to eliminate changes in product positioning while the conveyor is running. Excessive movement of the container from side to side may move the label in and out of the focus of the laser marking machine, reducing the legibility of the identification. It is recommended to move the container to the side of the conveyor to better control the distance between the laser printer and the container.

(2) Mark on the label of HDPE material:

Laser marking is carried out on the label of the container, by removing the top ink layer, exposing the base layer of the label material to produce a clear and high-contrast mark.

3. Mark on the cardboard

Direct laser marking on the color cardboard packaging design can produce clear and readable codes. The laser coding machine can mark codes in any direction, which can reduce light concentration. For cardboard boxes, a medium-power laser marking machine can be used to print the logo at a speed of 50 m/s.

4. Mark on the plastic film

Regarding plastic films, the best marking solution is to mark through integration. The fly laser marking machine is integrated into the filling equipment before the film is applied to the packaging container, which can reduce the marking time by increasing the number of products marked per minute.

Advantages of CYCJET laser marking machine:

1. It can continuously image, and can quickly mark continuous lines of characters, logos, bar codes, and QR codes, which improves the legibility of the mark.

2. The font library of the control system contains different styles of characters, which can better meet the manufacturers’ needs for packaging styles. It can improve brand image and consumers’ awareness of product quality.

3. Permanent mark effects on various materials can prevent tampering of marking information, which is extremely important for traceability applications.

4. The product can be marked in any direction to realize simple production line integration.

5. There is no need to use ink or solvents used in other printing technologies, which helps to create a cleaner dairy environment and guarantees food safety.

6. The filter is the only consumable needed for effective laser marking operation, which greatly reduces the cost.

7. Since the laser marking equipment does not require continuous maintenance, it has a long service life and can work continuously for 24 hours.

8. Laser marking is more tolerant to the production environment and can not be affected by temperature and humidity changes in the dairy production environment.

Misunderstandings about laser marking:

1. Laser marking will damage the integrity of aseptic packaging, which makes laser marking solutions unsuitable for the dairy industry.

2. Consistent laser marking on metal cans is complicated because metal cans will move unpredictably.

3. Laser marking is suitable for simple coding, but it is difficult to cope with complex marking applications running at higher speeds.

Eliminate misunderstandings:

1. The key to using a laser marking machine on aseptic packaging is to establish a specific laser configuration composed of the best focal length, power, wavelength, and spot diameter, so as to correctly mark while maintaining the integrity of the package.

2. Laser marking on the bottom of the metal cans will achieve ideal and consistent permanent marking. Or, integrating the laser marking machine into the surround labeling machine and operating synchronously with the label application can also ensure a highly consistent marking position.

3. The laser marking machines currently on the market can realize complex multi-line coding functions. However, it is essential to cooperate with laser marking machine suppliers who not only provide reasonable marking machine solutions but also provide a range of lens and print head options. It is incorrect to assume that all marking machines with a given output power have the same effectiveness. In fact, the selected lens and the print head can greatly affect the ability of the marking machine to print the required code content at the required production line speed.

If you want a clean and safe operating environment, fewer maintenance requirements, and a better brand image, then please choose CYCJET laser marking machine. The CYCJET flying laser printer combines powerful performance and flexibility and can be used with medium and high-speed production lines to complete high-quality marking. It is specially designed to maintain high-quality coding on high-speed production lines. Moreover, the laser printer has almost no restrictions on fonts, codes, or graphics, which can meet the needs of various identification applications in the food, beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and pipe industries.

CYCJET is the brand name of Yuchang Industrial Company Limited. As a manufacturer, CYCJET has more than 15 years of experience for R& D different types of handheld inkjet printing solution, Laser printing solution, and portable marking solution, High-Resolution Printing solution in Shanghai China. Are you looking for a coding and marking system for your products? Contact us and we will jointly search for the solution that best suits your needs.

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