The application and development of laser technology in the automotive industry

by:cycjet     2020-07-20
Development of laser technology, medium enterprises from all walks of life pay more attention to the application development of laser technology, such as laser engraving, laser marking, laser welding, laser cutting, environmental protection, and fast speed, and low loss, obtained each big enterprise's affection. Now laser technology in automotive manufacturing should be focused on car roofs, doors, back cover box etc. But with the development of laser technology, will gradually extend to the car body. Past will use a lot of metal parts in the process of automobile manufacturing, now in order to cater to the needs of consumers fuel-efficient environmental protection, some metal parts was gradually replaced by plastic 'new material from that car lightweight trend continuously increases development! At present, the development of the automotive lightweighting is mainly given priority to with steel, aluminum material will increase, the proportion of plastic and new materials, in the next five years the application of laser technology in automobile body and the aluminum door will increase to a certain extent, because it has the advantages of high efficiency, and the need of flange is small, so its high agility, bottom area is small. Such as gm has applied laser welding machine for welding on the back cover box, the roof and the vehicle body, but a lot of new materials such as high strength steel materials of the third generation, there is still a gap of large scale, because the laser welding process will depend largely on the characteristics of the material, the development of laser welding technology must be combined with the characteristics of the materials to can let the laser welding and give full play to the advantage of the new material. At present, as more and more research |, colleges and universities, automobile enterprise the laser welding of new material research, you can see 3 - Five years will see more laser equipment in the application of new materials.
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