The advantages of laser cutting machine

by:cycjet     2020-07-27
With the rapid development of laser technology and some high-tech laser equipment also arises at the historic moment, the laser cutting machine is one of them. As a representative of the laser technology is more sophisticated equipment, its advantages are unmatched by traditional cutting equipment far. So it has the characteristics of what advantage? Laser cutting is the power density of about 107 a w. cm - 109 2 can be adjusted to control the laser beam as a 'shear tool' process does not require any cutting, cutting tools, no tool wear, switch machine, etc. Laser cutting machine is a kind of cutting processing technology of no contact, no mechanical stress to any artifacts, it is suitable for large brittle and hard material cutting, can cut metal, nonmetal, silver, copper, platinum and other hard processing material. No damage to processing materials, torn, broken trimming, etc. ! Laser cutting machine with oxyacetylene cutting and plasma cutting process is relative, has quick cutting speed, narrow gap heat affected zone is small, neat cutting, don't need to clean, a lot of advantages such as less material consumption. Laser cutting machine can easily and computers, are difficult to automation, can cut out any complex curve and pattern. For the renewal of the new equipment, the short cycle, high work efficiency. This is the main reason for the laser cutting machine has great economic efficiency. Usually, laser, and the processing of the workpiece in a two-dimensional coordinate nc workbench face, let the stillness of the laser focus on the movement of the workpiece, cutting out the complex shape parts machined part, and laser cutting machine in cutting industry play a role in the huge, brought speeding to each big enterprise efficiency, win each big enterprise's love! Used the users know of laser cutting technology, laser cutting processing technology is a use of laser beam on the surface of parts of movement. Laser cutting is not only changed the traditional processing way, the outstanding performance advantages are now recognized in many industries, become one of these industries indispensable processing way, and as a laser equipment manufacturer - shenzhen people Produce the laser cutting machine has received the unprecedented attention, win a lot of peripheral processing plants are recognized and loved!
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