The advantage of small laser cutting machine processing accessories

by:cycjet     2020-08-22
Small processing accessories as is known to all, the advantages of laser cutting machine accessories processing, as a special industry, because mainly for some rare precious metals and non-metallic processing, so the equipment requirements for the modification of the processing is very high. For small laser cutting machine, however, it is a very good opportunity, it's very good to solve some problems existing in processing accessories, and by the manufacturer of each enterprise. As you all know, gold silver art belong to high-end consumer goods, so a lot of manufacturer is a design are only a small amount of processing. But for such a small batch processing, open mold processing is aeriform in increasing the cost. In addition, gold and silver jewelry is very high to the requirement of processing technology, a few small details of carve patterns or designs on woodwork and surface treatment is very fine, a lot of technology to meet the customer's requirements. Sometimes hard to avoid can have some customers for their custom some commemorative value, if you want to do, according to the traditional processing technology cycle is very long, greatly reduces the customer experience, it will lose a lot of orders. Over the years, laser cutting technology in innovation, constantly for mini laser cutting machine, some processing enterprises are faced with the problem, can be very good solve. Using a small laser cutting machine processing in the case of does not need to open mold, can directly work out want to come out, and the precision is very high, the processing time need only a few short minutes even 10 can be completed in a few seconds. Not only shorten the processing time, but also reduces the cost, for accessories processors, this is a very good thing.
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