'Squatter communities' help small expert laser marking machine

by:cycjet     2020-08-17
Recently talked about the most is the state advocates 'squatter communities', all kinds of shows, beer and skittles from soup to nuts, open the trunk, all enveloped in street stalls, while there are many just show live entertainment, but also has a lot of use of the channels of entrepreneurship, stall looks be like simple, actually is also a kind of marketing, seen all sorts of strange stands, so the laser marking machine stalls seen? Yes, yes, we say that the laser marking machine, is a portable laser marking machine, does not occupy a large space location, easily into your trunk. Also known as hand-held portable laser marking machine laser marking machine. Can be seen from the name, a portable biggest characteristic is convenient to carry. Portable laser marking machine to solve the problems of existing large parts of laser marking, volume is very small, the whole machine with a computer main box size, can be in the car trunk, convenient carrying, can hold to operate, can be in any direction for large mechanical parts for laser marking. Although it is a small device, portable laser marking machine has the same fiber laser marking machine of high speed, high quality, cost-effective advantages, even in a small workshop to work. Portable laser marking machine is mainly has three advantages: 1, portable laser marking machine commonly used fiber laser, electro-optic conversion rate is high, so the energy consumption is small. All-fiber structure design to ensure the laser and laser of high reliability, without optical element for collimating adjust the marking effect is good, can be in a very small mark on the surface of all sorts of elaborate design user requirements; 2, equipment cabinet, easy to carry and handling, good flexibility. Customers can space in the home or small place product processing, and flexible change working place. Without huge water cooling system in the course of using, simply air cooling. In a certain shock, vibration, high temperature or with ash, etc. Also can work normally under the harsh environment. Greatly improve the working efficiency. 3, portable laser marking machine, no use cost is low. First affordable portable laser marking machine, low cost, long service life, high cost performance. In the process of the second use less consumption, no consumables, environmental protection and energy saving. Finally, a modular design, easy maintenance, low maintenance cost. From the point of view, the current market small laser marking vendors would still more, and the price of a portable laser marking machine in 1 w About 3 w, and our main when choosing laser marking machine brand will focus on manufacturer product configuration, technology, and service, give you show a on 'squatter communities'.
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