So flying laser marking machine with the ordinary desktop laser marking machine have what different?

by:cycjet     2020-08-21
Now laser marking machine has been used in all walks of life, laser marking machine LOGO artifacts without templates, computer control to design change, company LOGO, product information, model, bar code and qr code, production date, batch number, the name of the company, and so on can be identified, and by the vast number of customer recognition. Along with the continuous development of science and technology, and constantly to automation, assembly line production, study, because ordinary static laser marking machine is unable to meet the production requirements, non-standard automated laser marking machine should be born, become the electronics industry, packaging industry, beverage industry, hardware industry sectors such as the choice of equipment. Flying laser marking machine standard laser marking machine and flying laser marking machine and ordinary desktop laser marking machine have what different? In simple terms, flying laser marking machine is equipped with a line of industrial automation equipment, a production line down and don't need the artificial operation, and the capacity is desktop laser marking machine for several times, and desktop laser marking machine is semi-automatic marking, need artificial way to artifacts, scored and placed under a in the completion of processing, this mode of operation will be more than time, more suitable for industry production is not big. Non-standard automation laser marking machine and ordinary desktop laser marking machine and a little difference is, galvanometer and the difference between the control system, non-standard automated laser marking machine is a special marking flight control system, can be equipped with assembly lines, implement assembly line rapid laser marking, good performance, easy operation, fast flying laser marking machine, industrial automation degree is high.
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