Smart innovation under the laser cutting machine to the international market competition how to do

by:cycjet     2020-08-07
In recent years, around the intelligent laser cutting machine industry in the increasingly fierce competition, how to sprint into the high-end market. China, as a manufacturing power, has the basic hardware conditions, but in recent years, with the rapid development of the industry also accumulated some deep-seated problems. The competitiveness of domestic brands in the international market remains to be further strengthened. Laser cutting machine, as a kind of widely used in industrial processing equipment, in the field of how to successfully transform the high-end market. As the change of environment, great changes have taken place in the domestic and foreign environment and conditions, we face a huge strategic opportunities. On the one hand, laser cutting industry affected by the downstream industries such as steel industry, and this is not the same as the expected; On the other hand, the innovation ability is not strong, with enterprises as the mainstay innovation system is not perfect. The industry's high-end equipment, the core technology imports, labor costs increased, need by importing and transformation equipment. Improve the degree of automation, reducing reliance on labor. Countries proposed a chinese-made 2025 and other good policy. China laser cutting machine may face more barriers to trade barriers, technical barriers, brand and channel barriers, when exports. This requires domestic laser equipment manufacturing industry to speed up the pace of structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading, and change the momentum extensive export pattern, to intelligent, differentiation, improve product quality. With stable product quality, first of all, we should improve our ideology; Secondly, improve quality, stable quality, cannot leave the advanced manufacturing equipment, the quality standard of ascension must have high quality products, the standard is the method of product quality, only high standards can guide high quality production. To become a great power, it is necessary to improve the innovation consciousness, no core technology, there is no good product. To enhance the competitiveness of the international market, we must strengthen the consciousness of innovation.
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