Small knowledge - fiber laser welding machine maintenance Optical fiber laser welding machine maintenance

by:cycjet     2020-08-22
Small knowledge - fiber laser welding machine maintenance Fiber laser welder, laser welding machine maintenance. Optical fiber laser welding machine, to ensure the normal working state of laser, continuous work after two weeks, or over a period of time. In front of the boot, shall check in the optical path components such as YAG rods, medium diaphragm and protection glass lens, to ensure that the optical element is not affected by the dust pollution, mildew and other anomalies. The above phenomenon, if any, shall be handled in time, to ensure that the optical element will not be destroyed under strong laser irradiation. ( If the device application environment is relatively clean. Cooling water is to guarantee the purity of the laser output efficiency and the key of laser condenser component life. Should check once a week when using circulating water conductivity. Conductivity for, except for the fabrication of inner loop must change once a month. The new injection water conductivity must be 32 m. Observe the color change of the ion exchange column in the cooling system. If found the color of the resin in the replacement column into a dark brown or black. Equipment operators often can use black paper to check the laser output light spot. Once the light spot uneven or energy down, should timely adjust the laser resonator. Small knowledge - fiber laser welding machine maintenance Fiber laser welder, laser welding machine maintenance. Guarantee the quality of the output laser beam, the tuned speckle laser resonator to note is that strong laser will directly cause serious light damage to human skin, especially can lead to blindness, debugging personnel must have a certain understanding of laser safe protection. Work must wear 1. 064 mm wavelength of special laser protective glass. Note: when the strong laser direct illuminate the flammable products such as timber, open flame. In the process of debugging, the laser output path, should adopt a kind of absorption performance good black metal materials as beam by the device. Avoid causing fire accident. Note: laser adjustment should be carried out by specially trained personnel. Otherwise, light the way other components will be damaged by laser disorders or bias. Laser resonator adjustment steps are as follows: check reference red semiconductor laser light source is all optical circuits. Using a simple altimeter to check if the red light on top of the parallel to the guide rail, whether is located in the center between two guide line, such as deviation. Can be adjusted through six fastening screws. Adjusted, check whether all the fastening screw has fully tighten.
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