Shenzhen people rising supply hand-held laser marking machine

by:cycjet     2020-07-28
With the growing popularity of the now laser application technology, as well as the development of related industries, now the application of laser technology space growth, in today's high-tech areas such as electronics, automobile manufacturing, precision machining application is very extensive, traditional processing areas at the same time, also have more and more used to laser technology today. As influential in the province and the competitiveness of laser equipment manufacturing enterprises, we have a semiconductor laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, hand-held laser marking machine and optical fiber laser marking machine and other products series, products are widely used in metal products, electronic appliances, IT, telecommunications, machinery, packaging, shoe leather, light industrial products, jewelry, glasses, integrated circuits, anti-counterfeiting technology, craft gifts, plastic mold, equipment and other industries. Because the laser marking machine more environmental protection, environmental protection is all manufacturers focus on one problem, many brands of food manufacturers have been used for laser marking machine, as a trend, more food manufacturers begin to pay close attention to laser marking machine, production date, batch number identification marking. Laser marking clearly not only beautiful, healthy environmental protection at the same time will not responsible for any possible damage as well as for the product have any adverse effects. For the manufacturer of the food industry, from the use cost is analyzed, it pays to use laser marking, inkjet printing machine use for a long time is not only a potential harm to the environment, and because of its service life and material cost factors, make the identity of the late there will be many problems, in the process of continuous faults and fault occasionally let our production line is facing the risk of shutdown. Laser marking machine no consumables and high stability make people more at ease when using, feel reliable and trustworthy. From the point of market reaction, the laser logo is more better, can enhance the value of our food. Optical fiber laser marking machine is the international progress of laser marking equipment, has good beam quality, small volume, high speed, long working life, convenient installation and maintenance, etc. Can work in harsh environment, optical fiber laser equipment in certain shock, vibration, high temperature or have dust and poor conditions can still work normally. Compact high integration, small size, easy to laser processing, the working principle of the optical fiber laser equipment because of its unique, small size, the cooling effect is good, need not huge water cooling system, simply air cooling.
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