Shenzhen optical fiber laser marking machine wholesale

by:cycjet     2020-07-29
Fiber laser marking machine advantages to unscramble: fiber laser marking machine of light form is very good, focusing spot diameter less than 20 um. Divergence Angle is about a quarter of the semiconductor pump laser, single line more fine, suitable to do fine and ultra precision machining. High 1, reliable, good volatility: fiber laser marking machine adopts the integration of the entire structure, fiber laser marking machine is used in laser marking has many common advantage, and to use the traditional solid state laser crystal rod as the laser medium is different, fiber laser using a long ytterbium doped double clad fiber as the laser medium, and was pumped by high power multimode laser diode, greatly guarantee spare strong sex, at the same time, the laser is in optical fiber waveguide excited oscillation, therefore low dissipation, good volatility, not affected by external steam dust and mechanical looseness, the input of the TEM00 mode of the fluctuation of the laser beam is; Make sex with volatility become parts of high specification. 2, high precision marking: fiber laser marking machine adopts imported brand fiber laser ( Including optical isolator) , widely used, especially on product positioning to handle after the existing graphics array in the original position precision is not enough, it is not convenient for debugging, greatly improved positioning accuracy; Applicable to plastic and coating products of mobile phone keys, power adapter, IC, metal products, etc. Products of high precision required. Wind cooling TEM00 laser marking machine input laser reaching the ideal form, to the ideal form can be adjusted according to user requirements, the repeated accuracy up to 0. 0025 mm servo control of the galvanometer scanning, machinable surplus sophisticated graphics and text, more appropriate ultra-precision machining.
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