Shenzhen metal nameplate high quality laser marking machine manufacturers

by:cycjet     2020-07-29
Shenzhen alloy nameplate laser marking quality manufacturers, 'people liters laser', there are many kinds of metal nameplate and material, but the metal texture in printing can't be sure, a long time will fade, in die casting not beautiful again, should be market demand for the production process needs a variety, color elegant, rich colors, often made in wood furniture, home appliances, such as various types of products. Optical fiber laser marking machine is the available problems become simple, fiber laser marking machine to solve a series of problems, it has the advantage of high accuracy, high speed, good stability, convenient operation, marking the graphic exquisite beautiful, permanent from metal surface marking does not need to ink surface of such media coverage, directly by laser in metal alloy plate surface markers. Open markets and the use of the name plate for enterprise products have certain effect to increase brand awareness, brand of the applicable scope is very broad, such as: bottles/box/cover/tea cups, metal nameplate/signs, crafts such as shoes, leather bags, leather goods, such as automobile, motorcycle, hose, high-grade commodities, such as DVD, VCD, audio system, box/bottle, thermos flask, mobile phone, telephone, high-grade cigarette packs, wine boxes, brochures, CARDS and other Musical Instruments, piano, computer, TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine, high-grade electrical appliances, small appliances and other bottles/box lid, cover, artificial leather, bicycles, machinery and equipment such as logo, logo, nameplate, decoration; Optical fiber laser marking machine is to use electric computer control, simple operation, can mark all kinds of complicated images, text, bar codes and qr code, has the advantages of optical fiber laser marking machine is listed immediately occupy a larger share of metal surface treatment market. After decades of efforts, successful companies have foothold in the industry, the failure of the enterprise has been packing, to provide customers with better and more excellent metal nameplate marking effect, longgang district of shenzhen people liters laser developed advanced optical fiber laser marking technology, can meet the quality requirements of the existing market, and can be widely used in all kinds of metal tag.
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