laser welding machine is introduced

by:cycjet     2020-07-28

Shenzhen optical fiber laser welding machine manufacturing application of laser welding machine is widely used in automobile manufacture at home and abroad. Once in Japan with CO2 laser welding machine to replace the flash butt welding of steel rolling coil connection in steel industry, in the research of ultra thin plate welding, such as the thickness of 100 microns foil below, there is no way to fusion welding, but through a special power output waveform of YAG laser welding are successful, shows the laser welding of broad prospects. Shenzhen optical fiber optical fiber transmission laser welding laser welding machine pause with CCD camera surveillance system, convenient observation and accurate positioning. Optical fiber transmission laser welding machine welding spot energy distribution uniformity, the welding characteristics of light you need. Optical fiber transmission laser welding machine to adapt to all kinds of complicated weld, all kinds of spot welding device, and less than 1 mm thin seam welding. Optical fiber transmission laser welding machine adopts the imported ceramic light-gathering cavity, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant, cavity life ( 8 - 10) More than 8 million times, xenon lamp life. Can be customized special jig automation, realize the product batch production. Shenzhen optical fiber laser welding machine optical fiber transmission laser welding machine is a high energy laser beam coupled into the fiber, long-distance transmission, through the collimating lens collimation for parallel light, then focused on the workpiece on the implementation of a laser welding welding equipment. For welding inaccessible parts, the flexible transmission non-contact welding, with greater flexibility. Optical fiber transmission laser beam laser welding machine can realize the time and energy on the light, to multiple beam processing at the same time, provides a more precise welding conditions. Shenzhen optical fiber laser welding machine powder metallurgy field of science and technology development, many industrial technology has special requirements on material, the traditional technology of manufacturing material can not meet the requirements. Laser welding machine into the field of powder metallurgy materials processing, for the application of powder metallurgy materials brought new development prospects, such as using powder metallurgy material connection that is commonly used in welding diamond brazing method, because of low bonding strength, heat affected zone width especially cannot adapt to solder melting loss caused by high temperature and high strength requirements, using a laser welding machine can improve the weld strength and high temperature resistant performance. Shenzhen optical fiber laser welding machine electronic industrial laser welding machine in the electronic industry, has been widely used. For laser welding heat affected zone is small, heat concentration, low thermal stress quickly, thus being in the encapsulation of integrated circuits and semiconductor device shell, shows the unique superiority, in development of vacuum devices, laser welding has been applied. Sensor or the thermostat of elastic thin wall thickness of corrugated sheet in 0. 05 - 0. 1 mm, USES the traditional welding method is difficult to solve, TIG welding is easy to weld penetration, plasma stability is bad, influence factors and more using laser welding effect is very good, has been widely applied. Shenzhen optical fiber laser welding machine in the automotive industry has been large-scale, become one of the outstanding achievements of car manufacturing. Many car manufacturers adopted laser welding and cutting process. Identity of laser welding assembly parts because of its excellent performance becomes more and more used in automobile body manufacturing. Because car industrial batch big, high degree of automation, laser welding equipment will develop in the direction of high power, the multiplex type. Shenzhen optical fiber laser welding machine optical fiber transmission laser welding machine used optical communication components, IT, medical, electronics, batteries, fiber coupler, tube electron gun, metal parts, mobile phone vibration motor, a clock precision parts, precision welding of the steel plate etc.                                

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