by:cycjet     2020-07-28

laser marking machine is a new era of high-tech product, it is mainly for precision machining, and the traditional characterizations, such as mimeograph, edm processing way, has the incomparable advantage. Shenzhen high performance/price ratio, and laser marking machine, free maintenance, marking speed, can realize assembly line production, laser marking machine is very suitable for sophisticated areas, depth, smoothness requirements higher, so is very popular with the luxury goods industry, laser marking machine can most of the metals such as: zinc, iron, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, gold and silver, alloy materials, etc. Shenzhen laser marking machine can be in the high-end jewelry industry to all sorts of characters, design jewelry, qr code, serial number, product number, bar code, daily production and so on information, and the operation is simple, the computer operation, the image text information can change at will, don't need any, mold. Laser marking machine when processing date, serial number, product number can also be automatically jump. Laser marking machine has got mark mark clear, fine, and it is permanent, not easy to wear, can't wipe the alter, tracing anti-counterfeiting and for the products can play a big role, now mobile phone is indispensable in our daily life, most people want to leave now mobile phone a few minutes will feel a little less what, especially young people, is the basic machine etc. And the inside of the phone also cannot leave all sorts of small accessories, the current mobile electronics industry mostly adopts laser equipment for processing, because laser equipment stable performance, clear mark, small volume, free maintenance, high performance/price ratio, and can realize mass production assembly line, and so on. Shenzhen laser marking machine in the use of mobile phone parts? Such as: mobile phone metal carapace, pervious to light, battery, charger, LGGO keystrokes and so on, mainly in mobile phone back shell LOGO marking products, product information, serial number, production date, batch number, bar code, the qr code, reticulate, also can make drawing effects.                                

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