Shenzhen laser marking machine _ creating art perfect Mid-Autumn festival gift box

by:cycjet     2020-07-28
The Mid-Autumn festival is coming, whether business or enterprise or business unit, has been for Mid-Autumn festival gift giving positive or groups. And beautiful Mid-Autumn festival, the moon cakes, as a secondary carrier of the Mid-Autumn festival, mooncakes nature is little not exquisite packaging, for example, moon cake box. In the large and small, all kinds of moon cake boxes, packaging, and laser marking machine is beginning to replace the traditional process, the reduced. On the basis of merchants and customers' detailed requirements, application of laser marking machine engraving pattern than manual to elaborate, faster and the data is not easy to loss, is the ancient craft with the perfect combination of traditional products. People liters laser laser marking machine, for example, look at two different laser marking machine, how to play the midautumn festival moon cake box. People liters laser optical fiber cabinet laser marking organ in metal moon cake box, introduce people use laser optical fiber cabinet laser marking machine. People liters laser optical fiber cabinet marking machine has the short pulse width, beam quality is excellent, high precision, the peak value of power, high frequency modulation characteristics, since continuously, is used in metal processing category has superior features, its processing speed, 2 - is the traditional marking machine Three times. People rose cabinet laser CO2 laser marking machine in addition to the traditional moon cake box, metal today, moon cake box of paper also ushered in the spring. Jin silks party cabinet CO2 laser marking machine is suitable for marking paper moon cake box design. People rose cabinet laser CO2 laser marking machine adopts export carbon dioxide laser, good beam quality, out of the light wave, low fault rate. With high speed scanning galvanometer features excellent servo motor, marking speed, high precision. Industrial control computer trouble resistance is strong, ensure that the temporary task by the fluctuation of the sustainable use of long life, 24 hours a day. Application of laser marking machine a variety of patterns on moon cake box, box of moon cakes to appear more delicate. At the same time, the relevant information on the outer packaging marking, also has the weak information tracing function, can greatly improve product packaging efficiency, make the quality control and market circulation back more convenient is invalid. Have to say, the application of laser technology in ancient, not only to become rich thoughts, Mid-Autumn festival also richer 'new'.
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