Shared bike suffered damage qr code laser marking how to solve

by:cycjet     2020-08-11
With the development of the society, the attention of the domestic environmental protection, prohibited the use of motorcycles in recent years, in order to let people traffic convenience simple, there are a lot of companies produce Shared cycling, convenience of pedestrian, workers use, environmentally friendly, convenient and simple, from 0 to 100, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple color full, they are like volcano spouted out in general. We'll just use the phone APP search, sharing all kinds of bike APP can fill the whole screen. Shared cycling, therefore, has successfully entered the outbreak growth period, from the worship, ofo: yellow car, little blue, wukong Shared cycling gradually entered the shenzhen, etc. They soon appeared to solve the headache 'the last two kilometers, and the media called' city traffic a perfect puzzle. It is understood that by the middle of October 2017, is the shenzhen together more than a dozen share the bike brand, official statistics on the number of Shared cycling up to 900000 vehicles, per 15 shenzhen people have a Shared bicycle, 5. 43 million person-times of daily usage. , however, the number of bike soared at the same time, share the bike is faced with many problems. Users on loan process, by scanning qr code for intelligent lock unlock password take a car, is currently the most Shared cycling model. But time is not long, and share the bike after the rise of cities, the condition of the damaged in the qr code. As rent a bike race, I deeply appreciate that Shared cycling qr code was damaged after we can't use, this bike has been part of people are your own, become 'sharing the owner of the car. Against such a situation, laser technology co. , LTD. (shenzhen citizens http://www。 szmslaser。 com) Want a coup, laser qr code in a Shared cycling, qr code recorded in the owner's information, so that we can reduce the offender subsequently profit space, increase the cost of illegal crime, make the bike you find is not easy to lose. People liters laser qr code marking was able to help police security, because the laser marking machine target text and graphics are not only clear, fine, and will not be erased easily, modify, and counterfeit, it can effectively avoid sharing qr code on the bike had been scratched and damaged. Qr code laser marking the industry expert introduction, laser marking machine mainly USES high energy density of laser local irradiation was carried out on the workpiece, the surface material vaporization or change the color of chemical reaction, so as to leave a permanent mark of a marking method. Laser marking machine can play all sorts of characters, design, etc. , and the heat affected zone is small, fine processing, low cost, easy operation, no pollution. Liters laser for many years, people in the field of metal laser processing seiko spy, has the abundant technical precipitation and experience, its universal optical fiber laser marking machine, USES the international high quality fiber laser, widely used in hardware tools products, electronic components, electrical products, auto parts, consumer goods, sensor, can mark out the user requirements in the product surface of all sorts of elaborate design. Optical fiber laser marking machine - The people rise laser
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