Several kinds of new optical fiber laser marking machine usage you know?

by:cycjet     2020-08-11
Small make up today under the first to introduce us several new application methods of optical fiber laser marking machine! Follow the amount of attention, yield and quality requirements quality control have the ability of the manufacturing process and process. Optical fiber laser marking machine as a gimmick, precise Shadowed quality information of its demand is expanding. Spell able and begins with laser marking technique, laser marking machine settled over recent years many new methods and new application. 1, shallow groove marking. Fence the marking is a shallow groove in the material surface. Marking too deep will cause material damage on the surface, such as integrated circuit IC encapsulation shell of marking depth necessary control within a few microns in size. Common use laser marking method instead of imprinter and seal machine. 2, deep groove marking. Deep groove marking refers to the material surface constitutes a deep imprint, first used for metal material processing. Ordinary is the application of laser surface melting, evaporation or repeatedly scanning the same parts constitute a deep ditch. Today for this kind of method can replace the conventional laser etching processing. 3, black, Oxidation) Marking. Black black marking is the material surface oxidation of symbols. Made of common used in steel metal things and marking of mechanical parts. Black marking is also suitable for note pay attention to the sense of recognition, such as iron, stainless steel and silicon material marking. 4, melt marking. Melt marking is in a molten material on the surface, for example, in the absence of the dust of the silicon wafer manufacturing process, only the molten material surface without damage to the external, thus marking it necessary to control the dust by a laser. Common use frequency doubling Nd: YAG laser ( 532nm) The silicon stop laser marking. After more than four new use method, we played the underlying premise, in take the optical fiber laser can effectively control the quality of the products, predictably, in 2018, fiber laser marking machine will be more competition force of the product on the market, will face the career more and more fierce competition.
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