Selected! Weapon ultraviolet laser marking machine for glass is endowed with fine carving

by:cycjet     2020-07-16
Weapon ultraviolet laser marking machine for endowed with fine carving glass is an indispensable part of people life, glass as a kind of brittle material, uniform texture, good transparency, surface smooth, corrosion resistance, in electronics, instrumentation, construction, household, medical, chemical, household, nuclear engineering and other fields, glass products have been widely popular. Small enough to use daily glass cups, bottles, glass is too big to mountain road, large areas of glass curtain wall of architecture, and have a glass. Because of its characteristics of high transparency, on the glass tag text, pattern, such as company logo tend to have very good effect, this has been a lot of glass products manufacturers improve product value-added business methods. To replace the traditional plastic bottles with glass bottles, carved with fine and interesting design, is a worthy collection of souvenirs. People up ultraviolet laser marking machine application of glass perfume bottles and costly red transparent glass bottle, the surface is covered with a layer of silver, and then coated with golden pearl paint layer, egg egg shape contour, with the words on the bottle of Agent Provocateur with laser to engrave. Also has a lot of businesses use the laser marking eye-catching custom way, through the computer drawing patterns and text, and the sculpture with the laser carving machine in perfume bottle, the whole process in less than five minutes to complete, let the 'unique' perfume buy a good price. Glass handicraft as people living standard rise, glass handicraft is also more and more get of people, ordinary glass is endowed with fine texture, as has the artistic decorations. Glass weapon design decorative pattern, but not by artificial carve, but the magic of science and technology - from a laser Laser marking machine. Because glass has the characteristics of brittle, carved on the glass surface, also to craft requirement is higher. Compared to ordinary way of marking, laser marking technology processing efficiency is high, the tag products beautiful and meticulous, without consuming materials, environmental protection and energy saving, easy maintenance, is the key to the glass products processing. People rise of ultraviolet laser marking machine is applied to the special material of fine marking, fine carving, fine processing, can be applied to various materials such as glass, LCD screen of marking and surface treatment, the laser beam quality is superior, the nearly perfect marking effect for the user.
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