Selected! Shenzhen laser marking machine is how to maintain

by:cycjet     2020-07-16
Shenzhen laser marking machine how to correct maintenance in recent years, fiber laser marking machine, with its high stability, long service life, wide application, good marking effect gradually stand out in the market, the type is various, and as a result of the optical fiber laser marking machine is expensive, must especially pay attention to maintenance in the daily production operation. So how do we maintain oneself buy laser equipment? The device, after all, a are tens of thousands of and even hundreds of thousands of, also not cheap ah, can't dozen dozen would strike the calculate, such loss is bigger, can't deliver on time, whether it's artificial cost and time cost are very big loss, small make up I find shenzhen people liters laser engineer for a copy of the information on how the laser marking machine maintenance, share with you, hope to be able to help you more or less. How to use the marking machine can achieve long life? 1 light pen, laser marking machine in operation, do not touch the beam; 2, field lens to work for a long time will become blurred, or dust, etc. , with a clean absorbent cotton dips in alcohol gently dry lens under the surface, until the lens surface with no dirt; 3, in the operation, once found fault, need to immediately stop, lest cause injuries; 4, to the equipment the overall plot, lubrication is normal; Mobile phones, strong magnetic objects have closer to mirror; Laser marking machine should not exceed 20 a current; May not contact equipment or other items with the hand lens; 5, laser is the core of a laser marking machine, must be careful when you move, avoid broken due to improper mobile; Six, can not be in the water cycle in inappropriate time to start the laser marking machine; 7, ( Advice before work every day, clean equipment must be in a state of shutdown) The change of water and water tank cleaning: cleaning once a week and replace the inside water, the circulating water for too long is bad for the machine, inside the circulating water quality and water temperature directly affects the service life of laser tube, it is recommended to use pure water, and to control the water temperature below 35 ℃. 8, work, work level should be higher than the operating wide; 9, ready to turn off the marking machine, you must set the current around 5 a; 10 and prepare to stop using half an hour later, a cleanup level items and residue, need to cover the cut with a clean cotton cloth to equipment, to prevent dust from entering the equipment. 11, equipment operation after a period of time, need to use a clean, dry cloth to wipe the dirt on the surface of;
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