Selected! Effect of ultraviolet laser marking machine price two factors

by:cycjet     2020-07-16
With the increase of laser marking processing market, the demand of the ultraviolet laser marking machine is also growing, and marking vendors would also emerge in endlessly, various uv laser marking machine price are also differ in thousands ways, ultraviolet laser marking machine's prices are influenced by what factors? The following people liters laser small make up, you can share it. 1, production process, technical level and lead to price different due to the demand of the market both at home and abroad, in the production of laser marking machine in the process of their production process, technical level is different, this is each big manufacturer as long as the reasons of price difference, generally at least slightly good laser marking machine imported more than thousand, ordinary laser marking machine also need to be more than seventy thousand, and the domestic will be much cheaper. 2, configuration, good or bad influence prices different configuration must be different, the price also is according to the configuration to the difference of pricing. Configured laser equipment can bring obvious advantages to the laser marking machine, good light source of laser devices on intake less severe crystal skills are needed for azimuth match, can even automatically on photoelectric absorption; The use of laser is down to the overall power consumption, so the lower calorific value and wastage and low heat energy will not produce damage to anything; The energy output can be divided into more energy, and add a harmonious line, to the harmony of multiple beam focused work; About environmental requirements also more and more low, treat the dust and the temperature tolerance can be served as a variety of conditions; 3 litres of laser marking machine, model of different influence prices before buying uv laser marking machine, first to need marking the material of products, materials, types, type, and whether to need to meet the assembly line production mode. Through these points to judge the enterprises need the marking machine, the analysis of such, can reduce unnecessary costs, can improve the efficiency of production. Now laser marking machine can be divided into: common co2 laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, semiconductor laser marking machine, 3 d laser marking machine, such as a variety of different models, different models, different configuration, their prices are different.
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